Game Update

The Witch’s Gambit

Booo, Starfam! In Jorvik’s wild, the Phantom Witch lurks near, to stoke your heart’s darkest fear.

Summon the Phantom Witch

The Phantom Witch presents a challenge. Provide a sacrifice of three Soul Shards, and you will bear the witch’s mark, calling upon her memory! If you manage to outrun the Phantom Witch and avoid any obstacles that appear in your path, you will earn 6 Soul Shards.

You must leave Galloper’s Keep for the Witch to appear and to complete the quest! You can always tell when she is near when your surroundings become dark and foggy. If you log out before this, you will lose the quest, lose your Soul Shards, and have to start over again. She will appear within 15-24 minutes.

For you daringest of daredevils, take on the Galloper’s Gambit and Witch’s Gambit at the same time. We can’t promise they won’t appear together!


Another ghost has arrived to haunt the Keep, but has noticed one fatal flaw in the festivities—the absence of trick-or-treating!

Halloween isn’t Halloween without trick-or-treating, and the Trickster is here to make it happen. Every day, this activity will be available once in Jorvik. Bring your goodie bag back to the keep and see what treats your efforts will bring.

Hint: the Trickster loves a group costume. If you can match the Trickster’s daily disguise, the rewards will be even greater!

Improved Gait Transitions

Ever wanted to be able to jump from trot? Or maybe trot, transition to Tölt, and then down to walk? Now you can!

After today's update all your horses can jump from trot. Just trot and press the jump button on your phone or spacebar on your computer and it will fly over the fence!

Any horse that has a Special Movement, like Tölt, Passage, or soon...extended trot (hint hint), can now transition to it from either trot or walk. To transition into Special Movement on any horse, you need to hold down shift and press forward if you are on the computer. If you are on the phone you can use the Special Movement icon. This can now be done from walk and trot. If you wish to transition from Special Movement to walk, you simply press the same button that would slow down the horse. If you want to go from Special Movement to trot, you press forward, like you want to go faster.

Dorcha and Solas

The Peacock Butterfly horses, Dorcha and Solas, are visiting Jorvik! According to Irish legends, butterflies can cross over from the human world to the otherworld. On Jorvik, we know this otherworld as Pandoria, and these rare horses might very well be the source of these myths! We’re not sure if they bear a closer resemblance to a peafowl or a butterfly, but what we do know is that they’re gorgeous!

These special horses will join your horse family for 850 Star Coins each.

Flying pets!

Of course, both Dorcha and Solas are in need of some friends! The Deep-sea gull is a close companion to the Solas, and the Dreamy dawn owl’s feathers are a perfect match to the Dorcha.

Not only are these pets absolutely adorable, but they can both fly! For an adoption fee of 400 Star Coins each, they’ll join you as a flying pet!

To make either of these beautiful birds fly next to you, place it in a saddlebag attached to your horse’s saddle and press “P”!

Gary, along with the magical horses and pets, are at the usual magical horse spot in Moorland. They will leave Jorvik during the Wednesday update on November 29th.

The Belgian Warmblood has moved!

Jorvik's powerful, yet elegant sport horses can now be found in Goldenleaf Stables.


Galloper’s Keep remains for one final week. Find the seven ghosts lost around Jorvik so they can rejoin the Keep before it disappears!

Have the spookiest week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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