Game Update

Bewitching Horses!

Booo, Starfam! The sound of hoofsteps draws nearer as two unfamiliar spirits make their way into Galloper’s Keep.

Haunted Horses

When darkness falls and Halloween approaches, the veil between worlds grows thin, allowing spirits to travel to other planes. Alvirah comes from a dark place, yet she carries light. She is familiar with the ways of the witch, yet she is no witch’s familiar. She is independent, yet she longs for a human companion to share her journey. Will your eye be that which beholds her beauty? Alvirah’s alternative look is a Tennessee Walker, and she possesses the smooth gaits of the breed no matter how she presents. Alvirah is 950 Star Coins.

Audra traveled to Jorvik with a band of sisters long, long ago. From them, she learned to mask herself and become one with her environment. Sensing activity in Devil’s Gap, Audra slowly began to venture out in search of a new companion with whom to navigate the chaos that is brewing on this island. Will you be the one to face the eye of the storm with Audra? Audra’s alternative look is a Haflinger, and you can enjoy that breed’s characteristics whether Audra is masked or unmasked. Audra is 900 Star Coins.

Halloween Companions

Tempest and Fenn, two spooky companions, have travelled to Galloper’s Keep along with their magical horse counterparts. Fenn is a resident and caretaker of marshy areas. He will gladly help you gather gross ingredients for Halloween and other magical potions. The critter Tempest might just kick up a storm if you don’t stash some treats in your saddle bag! Tempest and Fenn are 350 Star Coins each.

Bewitching Costumes

Fancy matching Alivirah or Audra? You’re in luck! Two witchy sets are now available in the Halloween Shop at Galloper’s Keep. Are you a Wild Witch, Swamp Witch, or both?

Galloper’s Gambit

A ghost known only as the Tormented One has summoned you. Provide it with a sacrifice of three Soul Shards and it will, in turn, present its ghostly challenge: roam around Jorvik without getting caught by Galloper Thompson! If you are caught you will have failed, losing your three Soul Shards. If you succeed in outrunning him, you will reap the rewards!

You must leave Galloper’s Keep for Galloper Thompson to appear and to complete the quest! You can always tell when Galloper is near when your surroundings become dark and foggy. If you log out before this, you will lose the quest, lose your Soul Shards, and have to start over again.

Heads up!

Due to the splitting of the Russian and Ukrainian server, we have done some clean up between regions. Players who have moved to the Ukrainian regions will no longer see players in their friends list from the Russian region and vice versa. Also, if you were in a club based in the other region, you will no longer be in that club.


As if the Galloper’s Gambit wasn’t scary enough! Are you prepared to take on the Witch’s Gambit?

Have the spookiest week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥</

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