Game Update

Halloween is here!

Booo, Starfam! It's once again the time of year, for spooky fun and frightful fear. Visit Galloper’s Keep if you dare, but of haunted souls, please beware!

Welcome to Galloper’s Keep!

All the children of Jorvik have heard the spooky legend of the headless rider known as Galloper Thompson. Most believed this tale to be nothing but a scary story, but then, how would you explain the portals that show up on Jorvik around Halloween…?

Enter any of the many portals scattered around Jorvik to venture to Galloper’s Keep, the homestead of Galloper Thompson himself! Riding his magnificent new horse, Morrigan, this legend now invites you to his home - for a limited time.

Galloper’s Keep is open to all players! Speak to Kasper, the friendly ghost, if you desire a creepy tour of the Keep.

Poe the Crow will know where to go!

Poe the Crow is sitting outside any home stable for those who need some extra guidance to Galloper’s Keep. First, you must let this mysterious Raven spout his riddles.

Portals in the Keep

You worked very hard last year to unlock the broken portals. Thanks to your dedication, they are permanently open! These portals will take you to the spookiest Halloween activities. These activities will reward you with Autumn Tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for unique outfits and pets! Find them at the Token Pumpkin Shop in Galloper’s Keep.

★ Race Through Galloper's Memories
★ A Race Through Scarecrow Hill. It received a major update this year, so be sure to check it out!
★ Find a possessed pumpkin in the Pumpkin Hunt
★ Dungeons and Pumpkins—Complete the Pacman mini-game!

The Soul Shard Hunt

Many of you had leftover Soul Shards from previous Halloween events. So they can be used again this year! Access the Soul Shard Hunt by spotting the tornadoes around Jorvik. Upon reaching one, it will release several small pieces to make up Soul Shards. A storm appears at the top of every hour, so ride out in Jorvik to find it! No time to waste — you never know how long the vortex will stay.

Three times a day you can exchange these Soul Shards for Autumn Tokens by interacting with the helpful ghost that says “Soul Shard to Autumn Token exchange!”

The Soul Shard Hunt will only be accessible to Star Riders at certain locations.

Potion Brewing

A witch’s potion sits brewing in a cauldron at the very center of Galloper’s Keep. This potion thirsts for secret ingredients so that its magic may be activated. Once activated, the potion is said to conjure special gifts. Be sure to return daily so you don’t miss out on the rewards.

Karin, the ghost, will give you further instruction on how the potion works and where to find the ingredients.

What secrets might this cauldron hold?

Haunted Trail Ride

Poe the Crow is your resident trail guide. Let him guide you through the portal and this creepy ride will give you a scare or two for sure!

The trail holds many paths, and if you try them all out there’s no telling what is lurking near, and who you will meet...Keep your eye out for collectable items (trust us, you will want these!). If you find some obstacles along the way a bit too hard or scary to overcome, you can avoid certain paths of the trail and find another way to get to the end! When you’ve found a portal back to Galloper’s Keep, your horse will receive some XP as a reward for making it through.

Warning: This creepy trail holds many surprises, but we want to give you an extra warning if you would rather avoid snakes and spiders! Everyone will be able to join the trail ride, even if you haven’t yet unlocked Goldenhills Valley!

Magic horses!

The veil between worlds grows thin around Halloween, allowing spirits to travel to other planes. This allows the souls of ghostly horses to appear at the Keep, attracted by the sights and sounds of the festivities. The Halloween horses can be summoned to your stable only until the festival ends and the spirits can no longer travel.

These horses are discounted from last year, as next week, two new horses arrive at the Keep.

Halloween Shops

At Galloper’s Keep you can purchase new and old Halloween items to suit your costume needs. If the spooky costumes from older Halloweens are what you desire, you can find them at the Doomed Discount shop! These particular items and sets are here for a final time and discounted 50%.


Thundering hoofsteps and a terrifying neigh can be heard echoing in the distance. Something haunted is heading towards Galloper’s Keep.

Have the spookiest week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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