Game Update

Race with Foxes!

Hey, Starfam! Autumn has arrived and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season than by playing with some cute foxes in Goldenhills Valley.

The Playful Foxes Race

Jasper is having troubles with some very energetic and playful foxes at his pumpkin farm. Let’s use that energy in a less destructive way by inviting them to join the best activity ever — playing in the leaves! Hopefully that tires them out.

To get started racing through the leaves with these playful foxes, head to Goldenhills Valley and meet Jasper! The foxes are sure to regain their energy, so this race can be played daily for new Horse XP.

You must have unlocked Goldenhills Valley to participate in this new race.

The Traveling Bazaar is back!

The Traveling Bazaar is visiting Jorvik for one week! There's discounts on horses, clothes, horse gear, and a final chance to get the adorable pig companions. These discounts are available until the Wednesday Update on October 11th.

Discount on horse breeds
Treat yourself to a new horse with discounts on four breeds! The Finnhorse is 510 Star Coins, the Tennessee Walker is 570 Star Coins, the Gotland Pony is 450 Star Coins, and the Paso Fino is 570 Star coins. These discounts are valid until the Bazaar leaves.

Sales on tons of items
We have permanently lowered the prices of unique styles, accessories and horse gear! There are a ton of items to check out. Find them all in the shops at the Traveling Bazaar.

Pet discounts
The pigs are visiting for one last time before they retire. This week will be your final chance to meet these adorable companions! Along with the pigs, find discounts on foxes, cats, squirrels, a dog, and some horse plushies.

Bonus Shop!

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who became Star Rider by one-time payment! The Night Rider saddle bag signals that you and your horse are the bold and daring type.


Booo! Things are getting spooky around Jorvik!

Have a lovely week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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