Game Update

Mario’s Stargazing!

setembro 27, 2023

Hey, Starfam! This is the final week to enjoy the 12th birthday celebrations in Jorvik. If you’re in need of a break before going for another slice of birthday cake, we have a new quest with Mario available for you to check out!

Stargazing with Mario

Mario just received a brand new telescope and is SO excited to try it out with you. You’ll be able to look for different constellations! Operate the telescope by using two sliders (vertical and horizontal), and a zoom slider (zoom in and out). The goal is to align the semi-transparent outline of the constellation with the stars in the sky in order to reveal the name of the constellation discovered. Who knows what else you may even discover while looking at the night sky!

In order to participate in this quest, you must have brought Elsa Einstein to Nic Stonegrounds' camp, unlocked Mario’s observatory race, and be a Star Rider.

Magical Horse Rotation

Returning to Jorvik —Hemera and Antheia! The druids who watch over these magical creatures are unsure how these autumn unicorns came to be, speculating a strange mixing of fairy, druid, and nature magic changed the native wild horses into something mystical. Whatever their origins, they now emerge as a sure sign of autumn! They ride like the Haflingers they resemble, both in their true magical colors and in disguise. Find them with Gary Goldtooth at his usual camp in Moorland available for 900 SC each until October 25th.


Some foxes have been causing trouble at Jasper’s Farm. Could we help him out somehow?

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥