Next up in Jorvik!

Our beloved spooky season is soon here! Dust off your witch hat and grab the spider webs for your costume. Galloper’s Keep will be back with all its horrors!

Back to the haunted keep

October 11th

★Take the portal to travel to Galloper’s Keep. Help a young witch with her unruly cauldron, collect ingredients, and see what concoctions you can brew. The portals to your favorite activities are no longer locked. The Haunted Trail Ride and The Headless Horseman’s Harrowing Race are just some of the horrifying activities you can go on!

Bewitched Horses

October 18th

★Inspired by our favorite witches, Vala and Pi, Alvirah and Audra are two magical beauties arriving for the mystical, spooky season! They bring their pet friends along, Fenn and Tempest! The Galloper’s Gambit is back, but only take it if you’re ready to run.

Ding Dong the witch is here

October 25th

★Take on the challenge in the new Witch’s Gambit! Go trick or treating with the Trickster. All players can go with Linda and delve into the mysterious origins of Galloper and Morrigan, even those who have completed these quests before. Magical Horse Rotation: Dorcha and Solas are back for five weeks!

Lost Ghosts

November 1st

★The Registrar has discovered that seven ghosts are lost on Jorvik and require help to return to Galloper’s keep. Continue reminiscing about Galloper and Morrigan’s history and see the sorrowful ending.


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