Game Update

Birthday Nostalgia!

Hey, Starfam! The birthday activities continue this week. We heard you liked April Fool’s so much that we’re bringing it back for our wackiest birthday celebration yet!

April Fool’s

We are bringing back a couple of our silliest April Fool’s activities for you to participate in if you choose to! Simply go talk to Big Bonny and let her know if you’d like to experience Car Stable or Small Stable. This will only be available for the remaining three weeks of the birthday festival!

While this is active, you will not be able to dismount or take any NPC passengers. You can remove this feature by talking to Big Bonny again.

Marley’s Vintage Barn

We are relocating the Horse Market near Fort Pinta to Marley’s Farm! You can find all the generation 1 to 2 horses and the market items at the new area. To make sure it fits in with the farm, the market has received a glow up! Head over by taking the transport to Marley’s Farm. That’s right! A new transport has been added to make it even easier to get there.

The market will be the place to be if you wish to look through vintage items before they leave the game.There will be several vintage shops for you to thrift in!

As of now the items in the vintage stores do not have a retire date. We will inform you well in advance before any items leaves the game, just like with retiring horses.

Retrofitting tack

Jorvik Wild Horses and American Paints will now be able to wear more items in game as we have retrofitted tack to be compatible with these breeds! We cannot wait to see all of your in-game pictures and edits with more outfits.

The Jorvik Wild Horse has quite a lot of feathering and therefore can’t wear leg wraps.


Someone is galloping in to join the party! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a brand new American Paint Horse variation!

Have an amazing week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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