Next up in Jorvik!

augusti 31, 2023

Dartmoor Pony and Birthday time!

September 6th

★ With the wave of a hoof, we say hello to this new pony breed! Known for being a sturdy yet sporty pony, this little nugget is ready for anything and will look graceful doing it. A splendid pony to have in your stable! Together with this new breed, we are also releasing new saddle pads! It’s time to celebrate Star Stable Online's 12th year! Get ready for the birthday-feels throughout September, and bring your baking knowledge - we’ll need a cake!

Remember the fools?

September 13th

★We can't help but remember all the fun times celebrating one's birthday. Be ready to revisit some of our favorite April Fool’s jokes! Honk honk! Why not challenge your brain a little with an updated Quiz Walk? There are tricky new questions to answer, and when you succeed, you get rewarded. The Horse Market will have received a permanent place, and look at Marley's farm! On top of all this, we’re releasing a retrofit of the Jorvik Wild Horse and The American Paint!

Birthday Horse

September 20th

★A unique variation of the American Paint Horse loves celebrations and is joining us for the first time this year. This special coat variation will only pop up on Jorvik during our Birthday season.Guillermo is back with his beloved South Hoof cross country-race, dedicated to our ponies: Welsh, Chincoteague, Gotland, and the Dartmoor!

Look at the stars

September 27th

★Passing by the observatory, Mario received a delivery of a new telescope. Assist him, and you will have the chance to test it. Who knows what you might see and learn from the stars? You may even see falling stars. Magical Horse Rotation: Hemera and Antheia are back for four weeks!

A Foxy Race

October 4th

★Our Birthday celebration will be over this week, but life on Jorvik never stops. An unruly fox is giving Jasper some trouble at his farm. Check in and see if you can help entertain the little fox and unlock a new, fun, but different race.