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New Main Quest - Fripp’s Agents

Fripp’s Agents Quest

Druids from all across Jorvik have been called to action at the appearance of the Chaos Vortex that looms over Devil’s Gap. The Keepers of Aideen mean business–they’re setting up a base of operations in Fort Maria Library where they can monitor the various fascinating and dangerous aspects of this ancient, forgotten magic unleashed onto the island.

Rally with the Soul Riders before they meet up with The Keepers of Aideen to share their findings from their previous adventures.

In order to participate in this quest, you must have completed the quest Storm Over Devil’s Gap and be a Star Rider.

Daily Missions

Go on daily quests to help the Keepers of Aideen investigate their four main focuses; for example, what the Dark Riders are up to? Plus, explore the Wild Weave. This and more needs to be investigated. As you make progress with your missions, you will unlock more!

At one point there will be a break from missions. Part 2 will continue early next year!

Magical Horse Rotation

Returning to Jorvik one final time — Whinfells! These magical horses were created with heavy influences from Pandoric energy flows, which is how they change their colors! The Whinfells are discounted at 299 Star Coins each. They will be permanently leaving during the Wednesday update on September 27th and will not return after this visit. Find them with Gary Goldtooth at his usual camp in Moorland.

A final farewell for the Whinfells


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