Game Update

Communication is Key

juli 19, 2023

Atlas and Kerfuffle

On your endeavors in the wilderness, you might be lucky to run into two unique pets. You may have already seen them but not been able to talk to them before. This week it is now possible if you fulfill some special conditions. Here are some tips; one requires someone to follow you, and the other will be in big trouble with the wildlife. If you have met them and wish to keep them as friends, you must show your token of appreciation by giving them a list of specific items, we’ll let you know what these are in-game. Have a blast discovering what these mysterious secret pets are!

Extend your Western wardrobe

Find new outfit sets in the Camp Western shops. The set Tractor Rocker Light can be exchanged with Summer Tokens, and the Canadian Tuxedo is available for purchase.


It is the last week to attend Camp Western and adventure through the wilderness with your friends! Fort Pinta Beach gets its own permanent race!

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥