Next up in Jorvik!

juillet 27, 2023

Extra Western with Horses of Jorvik

August 2nd

★Summer is still here, and so is our Western vibe. Guillermo is bringing a new western race with the Horses of Jorvik, exclusive to Apploosas, Tennessee Walking Horses, and Mustangs! He will stick around for four weeks.

The Wild Spirit of the Mustang

August 9th

★The resilient and surefooted Mustang is a symbol of the untamed spirit of the American West. You better hold on to the reins or the mane, the generation 3 Mustang is here to roam our Jorvik fields, and hopefully, you won’t fall off when it decides to have a little bucking session. Eight marvelous unique coats will be available at Starshine Ranch.

Jorvik Ranger Showjumping

August 16th

★Jorvik Ranger Luis has done some research on what kind of races you can find in Mistfall, and had a shocking revelation. There is no show jumping course to be found! An equestrian sport that is so popular in Jorvik should be available for Dundull’s citizens. Luis made sure to act on this and can now welcome you to try out his show jumping race in Dundull’s paddock!

Alex’s part-time job

August 23rd

★Our dear soul rider, Alex, needs money and has found a part-time job in Jorvik City. Alex can’t stand a regular 9-5 job and will do her very best to make it fun. But her way of having fun is not always problem free! She might need some supervision and help if something goes south.

Fripp’s Agents

August 30th

★The Soul Riders and their guardian horses are finally together, and it is time to head back to the Keepers of Aideen. The Chaos Vortex can not be ignored, and druids gather at Fort Maria to learn what is happening while exploring the newly opened library. The Soul Riders will have their hands full, so roll up your sleeves because you are going on eye-opening missions! Magical Horse Rotation: a group of Whinfells are returning for the last time.