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Welcome to Camp Western

July 5th

★Carl and Lisa invite you to spend the summer at Starshine Ranch! Get a taste of ranch life by helping out with taking care of the animals and errands. Once your chores are done, venture out to explore the great wide wilderness!. Who knows what you might encounter? This will be a summer you will never forget!Want to kick off the adventure with a new friend? There’s eight new coat variations for the Belgian Warmblood, Welsh Pony, and Appaloosa. Each color is selected from requests we have seen in the community!

Learning the Ropes

July 12th

★This week, Starshine Ranch introduces lunging! The ranch will have more chores for you to earn Summer Tokens. Prepare your saddlebags because there will be plenty of gear and even some flowers to bring with you on your escapades!

Communication is Key

July 19th

★For the past two weeks, you’ve encountered a lot on your adventures into the wilderness; there can’t be more, can there? Oh yes, there can. Saddle up and head out into the woods! You might find a little someone, or two, who needs help. If you give them some attention, these little creatures could be your new best friends!

Race Along the Shoreline!

July 26th

★Is it really Summer if you don’t get to gallop along the beach? What if you want that feeling all year long? Fixed! The Classical Beach Festival race and some beachy items will be permanently added to Fort Pinta’s beach area.It is the last week of Western Camp! The ranch will ensure you won’t miss anything; shuffled chores, even more gold, and back-to-back encounters will keep you on your toes.Magical Horse Rotation: Proteus and Sedna are back for five weeks.


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