Game Update

Western Camp Introduces Lunging!

juli 12, 2023


Become a skilled horse trainer with the new lunge feature! Meet Beatriz at Starshine Ranch for your introduction to lunging. After your introduction, you’ll be able to participate in Daily Lunging, and if you ever want to just do it for fun you are more than welcome to do so during the entirety of Western Camp! You’ll be prompted to meet certain requirements with your horse when the checkpoint pops up with the prompted circle. How much horse XP you’re rewarded will be based on your accuracy with the checkpoints. Five Tokens and 300 Horse XP is the max you can be rewarded! There’s a chance that your horse changes gaits or circle radius' on their own. At times, your horse might change to another gait and you have to be prepared to counter this behavior by prompting it to go back to the required gait. How likely the horse will change gaits in the circles depends on your Command and Discipline stat!

Lunging while playing on desktop is controlled with WASD. D is to increase gait, A to reduce gait, S to switch to inner circle, W to switch to outer circle. On mobile there will be buttons that you prompt the horse with.

Saddlebag equipment

It is good to look prepared for your adventures in the woods. Head to the Western Camp Token Pet Shop to find new items available to equip in your saddlebag. Why not a good pickaxe or a bag full of beast repellents?

Gold Nugget Pets

Ever wanted a chicken to tag along on your escapades? Meet Gary at Starshine Ranch to trade in 3333 Gold Nuggets each for our two new chicken pets available until August 2nd.

More Daily Chores

You have been trusted to take on two more chores on the ranch. Due to the hot weather, you will be asked to take a few horses down to the beach for a swim, and Carl needs you to help him fetch something. You can find these new tasks on the chore board in return for daily rewards upon completion.

Race for Summer Tokens

If you do the regular races and herding daily in the Firgrove area, you will for the duration of Camp Western receive Summer Tokens!

Desktop launcher update!

Hopefully you'll never have to see one of our latest updates to the desktop launcher...but IF your gaming setup doesn't meet our minimal requirements, chances are you will get a pop-up message next time you log in, informing that your machine might not meet the minimal requirements of Star Stable Online.

We haven't been great at communicating our minimal requirements proactively in the past, something we're hoping to improve with this new feature. The minimal requirements need to be updated regularly to catch up with the tech evolution – something that allows us to bring you better experiences. The detection of desktop machines is not bulletproof, so if you have any doubts regarding your current setup, please visit our tech recommendations and compare them to your tech specifications!


Horses, wildlife, and unexpected ventures continue at Camp Western! Some special creatures are in need your assistance. Work together to find them and bring them what they need.

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥