Game Update

This is ranch life at Camp Western!

июль 05, 2023

Introducing Camp Western

Dreaming of a summer at the Ranch? Welcome to Camp Western! Gather your friends and meet Josh outside of your home stables to travel to Starshine Ranch to learn all about ranch life at Camp Western for the next four weeks. Lisa, Carl, Gary, and Josh will show you all around the campgrounds your first week there to introduce you to different activities around Camp Western. Earn Summer Tokens, Player XP, Jorvik Shillings, and other unique rewards for completing these intro quests. Visit the Camp Western shop and Camp Western Token shop to see the sets and items available starting this week until the Summer Festival ends with our Wednesday update on August 2nd!

Making Memories

Gather your friends together to adventure through the wilderness. Trail ride through the great outdoors where you can stop at campfires for a bite to eat with a picnic, stretch your legs together to show off your rootin’ tootin’ best dance moves, and hunt for treasure!

Daily Chores

The new daily chores at the ranch aren’t too easy. Complete 3 daily chores around Camp Western at Starshine Ranch or out in the wilderness to help out your fellow Jorvegians. You can find these tasks on the chore board in return for daily rewards upon completion.

Rare Daily Events

These rare events are activities that you can experience while exploring the wilderness. These can randomly occur until 2am on weekdays and 3am on weekends!

Renegade Chests

Each day, there are 5 chests that can be found in the wilderness. Requiring a renegade key to open, they will reward the player with tokens, gold nuggets, and a collectible! Once you find this chest, it will stay opened in the location you found it, and will reset where you can find it the next day. Every player has the same locations, so help each other out in the Global Chat which has been extended to all of Firgrove!

Herding the Horses

Some stubborn horses have wandered from the Ranch and into the wilderness. By giving them a Herding Lure they will follow you, and you’ll receive a reward by bringing them back to the Ranch. Each day, there are 4 horses that are able to be herded back to the Ranch.


At Camp Western, you can choose to brave the wilderness around the ranch for treasures and rewards of all kinds! Wolves and Bears are out in number this summer and they pose a threat to careless players who wander into the woods. Additionally, near the ranch is a rather mean bull who is determined to keep the flock safe, even if that means chasing you off sometimes. These beasts are on patrol around the ranch and may hunt and chase you if they’re able to get close enough. You can combat this by running away, being covered in manure, or having a repellent in your inventory to automatically use if a beast gets too close. If a beast catches you, you will return back to Starshine Ranch.

Gold Mining

A skill based minigame where you must time out swinging your pickaxe to mine and collect Gold Nuggets from the Nodes. The Gold Nodes have a streak system. If you successfully time the green area several times in a row, the released Gold Nuggets upon a hit will be increased for each successful swing. However, if there’s a miss the streak will reset. Happy mining around Camp Western!

Collectable Consumables

Introducing new items that can be found around Starshine Ranch while exploring the wilderness! Learn more about these items below, or in the introduction quests at Camp Western.

Lures, Repellents, and Keys can be obtained in exchange for Gold Nuggets, found in the Wilderness, or rewarded from Chores and Chests!

Gold Nuggets - This is another kind of token currency that you can collect all over the area outside the ranch! You can find individual nuggets, but you can also obtain these from gold veins that require a small skill-based timing minigame to maximize the number of nuggets rewarded. The last way to obtain nuggets is by opening one of the five Renegade Chests that are available each day. Gold Nuggets can be exchanged for Western Lures, Beast Repellent, and Renegade Keys, ten daily max Summer Tokens, and two chicken pets!

Western Lure — is a special snack that can be fed to the lost horses to lure them back to the ranch! There are five of these lost horses each day! Returning them to the ranch rewards Summer Tokens.

Beast Repellent — This acts as an extra life to protect you against beasts around Starshine Ranch! These beasts include Wolves, Bears, and Bulls! When the animal approaches a little too closely, if you’re holding a repellent, it will automatically be used. Otherwise, you will be caught, Gold Nuggets will be dropped, and you will be sent back to Starshine Ranch.

Renegade Keys —Keys are used to open a Renegade Chest as described above! Chests contain Summer Tokens, gold nuggets and either a Lure, Repellent, or Key.

Terrain Changes

With the introduction of Camp Western to Jorvik, we’ve made some changes around Starshine Ranch. There are new areas like the Bear Cave, Wolf Den, German Family Houses, and Mining Camp! We suggest a hike around to see if you can spot all the changes.

New Coat Variations

Can you hear that? What’s all that stomping and why is the ground shaking? You look towards the horizon and see a handful of Welsh Ponies, Appaloosas, and Belgian Warmblood silhouettes coming closer! They are now permanent additions to Jorvik.

Here are the beautiful breeds and where to find them:

★ Three Belgian Warmbloods can be found at Silverglade Manor for 850 Star Coins each. Must be level 8 to purchase.
★ Three Welsh Ponies can be found at South Hoof Peninsula for 800 Star Coins each. Must be level 7 to purchase.
★ Two Appaloosas can be found at Starshine Ranch for 900 Star Coins each. Must be level 11 to purchase.

Free Appearance Change

Reminder! In today's update all players will have a free appearance change - simply head over to a salon to adjust your body shape, face shape, skin color, eye color, eyebrow shape or eyebrow color. This free change will not expire so you can save it for whenever you need it. Hair and makeup is not included.

Bonus Shop!

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who became Star Rider by one-time payment! The Night Rider Jumping Boots signal that you're the bold and daring type.


The activities at Camp Western continue! Let’s see what the campgrounds have in store next. Did someone hear that beastly whisper that said lunging?

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥