Game Update

Tellina and Kampos splash back to Jorvik!

Juni 28, 2023

Working Equitation

Meet Luis the Jorvik Ranger in Mistfall to take on our new Jorvik Ranger Working Equitation #2 Challenge! This permanent daily race can be found in Dundull’s Paddock and will give you 150 horse XP for completing it.

You will need to have access to Mistfall and have completed the first working equitation challenge with Luis to be able to participate in this race.

Paddock Props

The Mistfall Paddock now also has the Paddock Prop System! As always, you can choose from three different sets of props. There’s gymnastics jumping, Working Equitation, and a minimalistic set that is great for roleplaying riding classes. Click on the noticeboard to choose between the options.

Magical Horse Rotation

This month, Tellina and Kampos return! Tellina and Kampos are magically connected to the swirling seas of Jorvik. Jorvegian seafarers share fascinating tales of magical sea-horses that only appear when Jorvegians are in dire need..

When in their normal form, Tellina and Kampos disguise themselves as Akhal Tekes! Find them at Fort Pinta Beach, and make one part of your family for 850 Star Coins each.

Accompanying these magical horses, are the magical manta ray pets Pearly Panda Ray and Shimmery Panda Ray. These magical companions can fly and would love to discover Jorvik by your side for an adoption fee of 400 SC each.

Tellina and Kampos, along with their pets, are available for three weeks. They will leave Jorvik during the Wednesday update on July 19th.


You and your friends have been invited to Camp Western. Spend the summer of your dreams at Starshine Ranch!

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥