Game Update

The Updated Characters Arrive in Jorvik!

juin 20, 2023

Time to get creative and customize your character!

The New Player Character

This is one of our biggest updates in history—change of system, updating our character creation, and more! Much had to be done to change the player's character, especially the foundation of it. The focus was to update what already existed in the game. Now that it is done, we can continue updating and fine-tuning the character you have today, investigate further updates, and create new customizations.

When you log in today, your character will be updated to the new one; attributes should still look similar to what you used to have. We highly recommend heading into a salon or your home stable to check out the new customizations you can do for your character. The first customization will be for free!!

Character Customization Changes

Once the free customization is used, further customization will cost depending on your changes. Small changes like eye color and eyebrows will cost 30 Star Coins, and bigger changes like body shape and skin color will cost 60 Star Coins. For example, if you decide to change your body shape and eye color, you will pay 60+30 SC.

Hairstyles and Makeup

All hairstyles and makeup released are updated to follow our art style and fit with the new character. Some have even gotten a glow-up after hearing your wishes for specific hairstyles. After your requests, an old hairstyle that was previously removed from the game is now back and better than ever!

New Animations

The player character has around 400 animations. We have focused on the ones you see every day when playing. You will now ride like a true equestrian and have a whole new feel when walking and running on foot and caring for your horse. There are still a lot of animations that need to be updated. While we work on those, the new character will use the old animations. The update of animations will be happening sporadically throughout the year, so we look forward to showing you more of this in the future!

Horse Retirement

The next horses to leave us for greener pastures are the Generation 2 Appaloosa and the Generation 2 American Paint Horse. During the Wednesday update on August 16th, they will leave Jorvik and not be available for purchase from then on. Find them at Ferdinand's Horse Market before they receive their well-earned retirement! Due to them leaving us soon, we will lower the price. You will be able to purchase the Appaloosa for 225 Star Coins and the American Paint Horse for 225 Star Coins.

While we love each and every one of our old horses, we sometimes need to make changes to ensure the game can run at the best possible performance. One of these changes will be to slowly phase out our very oldest horses.

If you already have purchased any of these horses, no need to worry! The horses will stay unchanged in your safe ownership. Please note that they will not be further supported with bug fixes, updates, or new tack.


Enjoy a new Jorvik Ranger Working Equitation race with Luis!

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥