Game Update

Giddy-up! Horses of Jorvik is back!

Horses of Jorvik Race

If you haven’t yet met Guillermo, let us introduce you. He represents the organization Horses of Jorvik (HoJ for short) and comes to Jorvik to organize exclusive races. These races let horse owners show off their four-legged friends to other enthusiasts in Jorvik, just a few breeds at a time! During Guillermo’s latest stay, he’s putting the Generation 2 and 3 American Quarter Horses, Pintabians, Morgans, and even Tombhoof in their very own race.

This new western-inspired race is temporarily located in Starshine Ranch. It’s exclusive to the horses mentioned, and their magical counterparts. If you enter the race on any other type of horse, you will kindly be asked to leave and return with another.

Where can I find it?
Starshine Ranch.
How do I get started?
Introduce yourself to Guillermo Gadea.
What is the reward?
500 Horse XP!
How long will it be here?
Guillermo has planned 4 weeks of racing for you to enjoy! Be sure to try it before the Wednesday update on June 28th.
Are there any race requirements?
You must be a Star Rider, own any of the generation 2 and 3 horses mentioned, and have unlocked Starshine Ranch.

Bazaar Final Week

The Traveling Bazaar is in Jorvik for one final week! Discounts on horses, clothes, accessories, horse gear and a permanent 40% discount on our Terrier pets can be found at the Bazaar shop. This week we have discounts on the American Paint Horse and Haflinger. The American Paint Horse is now 510 Star Coins and the Haflinger is 540 Star Coins. So get on your horse and gallop to Moorland! These discounts are available until the Wednesday Update on June 7th.

Magical Horse Rotation

This month, Faramawr and Aldrach return! These scaly horses sprung from gems found in the crater of Garnok’s Fury. Faramawr the Green embodies prosperity and life thriving after disaster, like the fertile soil and new islands formed in the wake of volcanic eruption. Aldrach the Red is the embodiment of nature's destructive but necessary forces, such as volcanic eruptions.

When in their normal form, Faramawr and Aldrach disguise themselves as Friesians! Find them with Gary Goldtooth at his usual camp in Moorland, and make one part of your family for 950 Star Coins each.

Accompanying these magical horses, are the wyvern pets Happandi and Kolandi. These magical companions can fly and would love to discover Jorvik by your side for an adoption fee of 400 SC each.

Faramawr and Aldrach, along with their pets, are available for three weeks. They will leave Jorvik during the Wednesday update on June 28th.


Jorvik’s most colorful festival returns!

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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