Next up in Jorvik!

Rainbow Horses in the Sky!

June 7th

★It is time for our Rainbow Festival. Mica has landed her hot air balloon beside Doyle’s Abbey, ready to take you to Cloud Kingdom. There you will find beautiful Rainbow horses, designs inspired by players! Unfortunately, it appears that Katja has returned and stolen all the colors again, so you will once again have to help restore the colors and the kingdom to its former glory! Once all the colors are restored, you can enjoy the magic of the Rainbow Festival in the Cloud Kingdom and Jorvik. Mica always manages to lose her items; luckily, Pico is up to help you find them!

Race with Katja and Mortifa

June 14th

★It will not be easy to tackle Katja during the Rainbow Festival, and she doesn’t give up so easily. She will have new challenges for you to tackle. Keep your eyes sharp; the road will be tricky, and you don't often see ice in Fort Pinta. Rainbow Festival feels a little extra this year and wishes to be around longer than usual. It will be around for four weeks instead of two. So no stress to run after rainbows, gathering Summer Tokens, and run the Rainbow Race.

New You - Updated Character Release

June 20th

★This will be a historic day in many ways; our very first update is on a TUESDAY, and it will be the new player character release! From now on, you will have many more options when you customize your character, choosing between faces, eyes, skin tones, body types, and more. Head to any salon or home stable for all the new customization alternatives.

New Race and Paddock Props in Dundull

June 28th

★The Jorvik Ranger Luis got a taste of hosting a race. He wants to expand what he offers in Dundull’s paddock. So he has added a second Equitation race, and you can now also find Paddock Props.Magical Horse Rotation: Tellina and Kampos.


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