Bazaar Week 2

Bazaar Week 2

May 24, 2023

The Traveling Bazaar is in Jorvik for two more weeks! Discounts on horses, clothes, accessories, horse gear and a permanent 40% discount on our Terrier pets can be found at the Bazaar shop. This week we have discounts on the American Quarter Horse and Shire. The American Quarter Horse is now 570 Star Coins and the Shire is only 540 Star Coins. So get on your horse and gallop to Moorland! These discounts are available until the Wednesday Update on May 31st.

Horse Retirement

The next horses to leave us for greener pastures are the Generation 1.5 Dutch Warmblood and the Generation 1.5 Danish Warmblood. During the Wednesday update on June 20th, they will leave Jorvik and not be available for purchase from then on. Find them at Ferdinand's Horse Market before they receive their well-earned retirement! Due to them leaving us soon, we will lower the price. You will be able to purchase the Dutch Warmblood for 390 Star Coins and the Danish Warmblood for 300 Star Coins.

While we love each and every one of our old horses, we sometimes need to make changes to ensure the game can run at the best possible performance. One of these changes will be to slowly phase out our very oldest horses.

If you already have purchased any of these horses, no need to worry! The horses will stay unchanged in your safe ownership. Please note that they will not be further supported with bug fixes, updates, or new tack.

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