Game Update

Horse Progression Has Arrived!

Horse Progression

Here are the new features to check out with our Horse Progression update!

Updated HUD (Heads-Up display)
In the new HUD you can now find an updated Horse Radial Menu, both mounted and dismounted, and rendered player and horse icons at the top left. The chat and backpack windows have been updated, and the call for pick-up screen is updated. The map has also been moved to the upper right corner. There’s a new gait and status indicator that can be toggled off in your settings. Although we know many players loved our old HUD, as did we, we needed to build an updated UI to allow the new features of Horse Progression and features we plan to bring in the future!

Horse leveling changes
Level up your horses through our new Horse Level UI! You are in charge of when your horse levels up, and you will notice that there is a small difference if your character is on foot or on the horse. See and hear the new beautiful effects when your horses earn XP and when it levels up! Do not worry if you were to miss that your horse can level up, all XP will carry over to the next level so none will be lost. Learn new abilities with leveling rewards! One being a new golden name plate you can give your horse, or choose to toggle off, once you reach level 15 now. Horses do not gain small stat increases every level, instead the horse gains large stat increases every few levels. Horses will reach full stats by level 13, so they can compete in competitions and still gain XP.

All existing horses can unlock the new rewards, and your already trained horses will automatically unlock rewards equivalent to their level. Horse with a Special Movement or special Trick that you purchased prior to this update will keep this feature regardless of level.

Players who bought Lead Rope will still be able to access this feature for all of their horses with no level restrictions. Players without can unlock Lead Rope for each horse individually by leveling it up to level 3.

New horse features
The follow command can be learned at level 7 and you can call your horse at level 11 now! Another new feature is Shared Moments which allows you to gain Horse XP by experiencing a moment together with your horse! Newly bought horses after the Horse Progression will unlock these unique skills at level 7 to further reinforce the growing connection and trust between you and your horse!

Horse care now gives Horse XP
Care for your horses daily to earn horse XP now!

Added hotkeys to various windows and actions
We have added a lot of new hotkeys for PC and Mac users! For example, you can access the Horse Radial Menu by clicking Q, and the Horse Level Window can be accessed by clicking TAB. You can see all the new hotkeys by going to the main-menu and click controls.

Horse trainer changes
Previously, when you purchased training, your horse was set to the next level with the exact horse XP required to reach that level. Now, any horse XP progress you’ve made into your current level will carry into the next level!

High Score Reset

To celebrate Horse Progression, we are resetting the high scores on all the races. Are you ready to race around Jorvik?

Happy Horse Week

We want every horse to have the happiest week at Jorvik during the Bazaar and to prepare you for Horse Progression! Therefore, everyone gets 7 days of free stable care! If you recently bought stable care, it will resume with our Wednesday Update on May 31st.

Server Status Update

During Passion Week, our teams worked to bring a new page on our website to show you the status of servers more easily before you go to switch servers in your settings. Check it out and let us know what you think of this new page!


Horses of Jorvik is back with a Western-inspired race at Starshine Ranch!

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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