Game Update

New Story Quest - Storm Over Devil’s Gap!

Storm Over Devil’s Gap quest

A relaxing day at Starshine Ranch with Lisa turns into quite the adventure. The Roman Portal is gradually coming to life as the newly planted Companion Tree matures. Join the Soul Riders to uncover what its secrets may hold. Follow clues, use your magic, be ready to race, and complete challenges along the way while you discover what lies beyond Devil’s Gap.

You must be a Star Rider and have completed all previous story quests to get started on your mission.

Bazaar Discounts

The Traveling Bazaar is back in Jorvik with amazing deals on horses, pets, and items galore! So get on your horse and gallop to Moorland. We will have these deals available until June 7th!

Discount on horse breeds

For the next three weeks, you can treat yourself to a new horse with discounts on two breeds! Each week there will be discounts on two different horse breeds for sale at the Bazaar, changing each week. This week, the Generation 3 Appaloosa is 540 Star Coins. The Generation 3 Percheron is 510 Star Coins.

Pets for sale

Some of our Terriers are now available for a 40% discount at the Bazaar shop! This discount will be permanent.

Sales on tons of items

We have permanently lowered the prices of unique styles, accessories and horse gear! There are a ton of items to check out. Find all these items in the shops at the Bazaar in the Moorland Festival area.


Horse progression is on the horizon!

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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