Next up in Jorvik!

Next up in Jorvik!

April 27, 2023

We have some amazing content coming up for you guys over the next five weeks.Take a sneak peek at the exciting things on their way to Jorvik!

Working Equitation in Dundull and beauty salons update

May 3rd

Jorvik Ranger Luis would like to extend his training to more than just his ranger friends. His Working Equitation race in Dundull’s paddock is excellent training before you adventure into the wilderness of Mistfall. To prepare for our Updated Character, you can change your appearance in all beauty salons around Jorvik! In addition, you can also see which hairstyles and makeup you already own in the salon. Magical Horse rotation is back: Ayla and Umbra are returning for four weeks.

Pintabians are here to stay

May 10th

What do you get when crossing an Arabian Thoroughbred with an American Paint? With careful breeding to not lose the Arabian's conformation but add those beautiful pinto colors, you get a Pintabian! Following them are two gorgeous Morgan variations. Spring is definitely here, meaning pastel colors are back in style! Five new western tack outfits each contain two different bridles and saddle pads to match as you please, or to accommodate your horses' preferences.

Storm Over Devil’s Gap

May 17th

Soul Riders, it is time to find our lost friends! Adventure with Lisa and Linda through the portal in the Fort Maria Library. Will it lead to Anne, Alex, Mrs. H, and Vala Witch? Grab your most adventurous horse, an outfit that makes you feel like a hero, and meet up with Lisa at Starshine Ranch. When you return from your epic adventures, the Bazaar will be back in Moorland for three weeks!

Horse Progression

May 24th

It is time to get a stronger bond with your horses. There will be more ways to earn horse XP, and as you and your horse get to know each other, you will unlock talents and abilities. In addition to this, two well-sought-after features will be available; Call your horse and Follow! With this release of Horse Progression, most of our user interface will have a whole new look, allowing us to continue evolving Horse Progression. We're not done yet!

Get your western on with the new Horses of Jorvik

May 31st

Guillermo is back at Starshine Ranch with a new western race in their big paddock. So mosey on over with your American Quarter Horse, Morgan, or Pintabian to show off your Western skills. Yeeehaaw!Magical Horse rotation: the epic Faramawr and Aldrach return for four weeks.


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