A dark presence in The Equestrian Festival...

A dark presence in The Equestrian Festival...

April 19, 2023

Hey StarFam! Despite the festive spirit up in the air, a new yet familiar face tries hard to sabotage the festival. What are they up to?!

Up to no good!

The Equestrian Festival is a mess! Some of the pigs on the Sunfield Farm have been freed and are ruining Jorvik Stables. Check if the Sunfield Farm needs a helping hand…and possibly come clean if you were the one who freed the pigs last year. Sabine is nearby keeping an eye on things. What could she be up to…? Let’s find out!

You will need to have played through last year’s quest to be able to complete this and to have access to Jorvik Stables.

What is Sabine up to?What is Sabine up to?

The Baroness

Baroness has heard all about the great Equestrian Festival and this time around, she has made sure she has time on her busy schedule to join. However, the Baroness is not just there simply for visiting purposes, she’s keeping a close eye on Equestrian Festival participants and giving you a chance to earn a Prestigious Ribbon. After receiving your Prestigious Ribbon, festival guests will proudly react to you if you wear your ribbon around the Festival areas!

In order to impress the Baroness, you will have to compete in the Equestrian Festival races and championships 80 times. Once the Baroness deems you worthy enough, she will reward you with the most prestigious ribbon; The 2023 Silverglade Legacy Ribbon!

Baroness showing the new Prestigious Ribbon.Baroness shows off the new Prestigious Ribbon!!

The Red String Trail Ride

To symbolize the unbreakable bond between friends or a rider and their horse, it’s tradition to follow a trail up in the Firgrove mountains and tie a red string at the end. This tradition is known as the Red String Trail Ride and is a celebrated event amongst Jorvegian riders!

Talk to Tan at the festival grounds in Moorland if you would like an intro to this beloved tradition. You’ll find fast transport between the trail in Firgrove and the festival grounds.Then you can sign up at the trail ride board to get a red string, and finish the ride by tying the string at the end of the trail!

As the Red String Trail Ride is a huge hit, you will not be the only one making the journey to the end of the trail. Anything could happen along the way! If you start the trail as a group, it's likely you will all get to experience the same surprises! You'll earn some XP for your horse and Spring Tokens upon reaching the top and tying up your red string. This is a journey you'll want to experience several times for sure and you can return daily for rewards.

The Red String Trail Ride will be active for the remainder of the festival. This is exclusive for Star Riders!

Player on the Red String Trail rideEmbark on your journey to experience the Red String Trail Ride!

Scott Buttergood

Scott Buttergood has arrived at the Equestrian Festival with some farm animals, but is failing spectacularly at keeping watch over them. Help him out by herding them back to their pen! Find him at the main festival grounds in Moorland to give him a hand.

You will find four animals scattered around the festival grounds daily. Each animal returned rewards you with 4 Spring Tokens. That means there are 16 Spring Tokens to score each day!


During the last week of the festival Sabine will need your help with a delivery. Be ready for additional horse XP for completing Equestrian Festival Races!

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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