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Perfect Dressage!

The Lipizzaner

Commonly referred to as the white stars of Vienna’s Spanish Riding School, the beautiful Lipizzaners are powerhouses! The Von Blyssens fell in love with the breed on a trip to Vienna and brought the first Lipizzaners to Jorvik. Sensitive, yet with brains and brawn in equal measure, Lipizzaners make great horses for ambitious and dedicated riders who can nurture their talent.

Our new Lipizzaner horses!

What's the new Gen 3 horse?
The Lipizzaner.

Where can I get it?
One horse is available in Fort Pinta and the rest can be found in Jorvik Stables!

How much does it cost?
950 Star Coins.

Does it have special moves?
Their special trick is Capriole. Their special movement is Passage.

What level do I have to be?
Anyone will be able to get the color variation in Fort Pinta. To get the other variations in Jorvik, you must have reached level 12.

How many coat variations do they have?
There are seven beautiful coat colors for you to choose from in Jorvik!

Get comfy in a new saddle!

We added 8 new Iberian saddles and 8 new Universal saddle pads for purchase available in our Global Store. Iberian saddles are popular for hacking and schooling because they support a correct dressage seat and are extremely comfortable for both you and your horse. Pair one with a new Iberian or faux fur saddle pad today!
These new items can be used on the Lipizzaner, Andalusian, Paso Fino, and future breeds. Previous gen 3 horses will be retrofitted to be able to wear newer tack in the future!

Introducing Dressage

We are introducing a new type of game play for the duration of the Equestrian Festival: Dressage! In this magnificent sport, the horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements from memory. Chloé from the Bobcats is running an event for the Equestrian Festival, hoping to introduce riders to dressage with her riding test.

You'll get to ride a simple test while receiving some instructions. Talk to Chloé at Jorvik Stables Arena to learn and try out her introduction to dressage. After the tutorial, two quests are unlocked: Dressage training and Daily dressage mastery/competition. For the training quest, you can train an infinite amount of times and it's the same pattern as the daily competition. Since you can train here however many times you want, there will not be any rewards given for completing this and practicing as much as you want! You will receive tokens and 600 horse XP from the introduction and daily dressage tests, so don’t forget to stop by every day and try this out to exchange your tokens for rewards in our Festival shops. Since this is our first time officially trying out Dressage as gameplay, we would love to hear from YOU about your experience so we can bring Dressage to Jorvik in a way that best fits our players.

Try out Jorvik’s first official dressage test!

Update on our missing Linda

Some of you who are adventuring through Jorvik might have noticed that our Soul Rider, Linda, has not been doing her job and appears to be missing. The team who investigated this issue realized that it would take longer than usual to sort this out. Therefore, we needed to plan and coordinate this just like we do with regular projects, which also meant that we couldn’t start immediately. At the end of March, the team got to work on getting Linda back into business. They are ensuring that the quests will work for all players, and also finding a solution to unblock the players who have reported these bugs to begin with.

Our quest lines are linear, but this bug has allowed some players to jump ahead in the main story quests. To get any blocked players back on track, they will have to get back into the correct order of quests. In order to prevent further bugs, we will have Linda in two locations, but you can only start the quest that will get you into the right order.

Don’t worry, we’re working on in-game messaging to let you know that you must complete other main story quests before progressing on this quest. Once you start doing the quest in the correct order, you will be able to continue your adventure. Thanks to the players who reported each and every issue that Linda was causing through Support, it was possible for us to assign this to the right people to fix. These Support tickets make it easier for our team to investigate, and keep track of the progress of the bug. If you find bugs in-game, it’s super valuable for us to receive a report through our Customer Support.

We know you’ve waited a long time for these quests to be fixed, but our team still has a lot to go through. Right now we aim to have fixes start rolling out in May.

Adaptive User Interface Scaling

You who are playing with a 4k screen on PC might have had issues with the user interface being too small. Not after today! Now you and all PC-users can adjust the size of your user interface by going into settings, and under the category Game, you will see three size options. This is only available on PC for now.

Horse Retirement

The next horse to leave us for greener pastures is the Generation 1 Irish Cob. During the Wednesday update on May 24th, they will leave Jorvik and not be available for purchase from then on. Find them at Ferdinand's Horse Market before they receive their well-earned retirement! Due to them leaving us soon, we will lower the price. You will be able to purchase them for 280 Star Coins.

While we love each and every one of our old horses, we sometimes need to make changes to ensure the game can run at the best possible performance. One of these changes will be to slowly phase out our very oldest horses.

If you already have purchased any of these horses, no need to worry! The horses will stay unchanged in your safe ownership. Please note that they will not be further supported with bug fixes, updates, or new tack.


The Equestrian Festival is a mess! Some of the pigs on the Sunfield Farm have been freed and are ruining Jorvik Stables.

Have a great week
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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