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Welcome to the Equestrian Festival

The Equestrian Festival

The Equestrian Festival is a celebration of Jorvegian equestrian culture! Horse enthusiasts from all over Jorvik gather at the Moorland festival grounds to sell their wares, recruit for clubs and show off their unique riding styles and interests. Be ready to embark in some fierce competition to compete in daily races with other players! The festival will be here for four, fun-filled weeks. It will end during the Wednesday update on May 3rd. But don’t worry, it will return next year!

Moorland Festival Grounds

The main festival grounds are in Moorland. Look for Linda outside your Home Stable, then talk to Tan at the Festival Grounds outside Moorland Stables to get involved! From the festival grounds you will find quick transport to Championships. Just approach Julie next to the Championship board. Be sure to grab the daily quests to earn additional XP and Spring Tokens

What else can be found in the Moorland festival grounds?

★Compete with other players in daily Equestrian Cross Country Races!
★Dance floor with DJ Kai. Listen to your favorite in-game songs!
★Vet Care—you can use Spring Tokens to keep your horses happy!
★Sets available for Spring Tokens and additional sets for purchase! Everything players will be able to get using Tokens received from this Festival will be worth 5800 Star Coins.
★Visit Ginny and Loretta for some fashion forward dailies!
★Darling new pets!

The Jorvik Stables Open House

The Jorvik Stables Open House is back and better than ever! As part of the Equestrian Festival, this Open House will be exclusive to Star Riders to visit as soon as you have unlocked the road from Wolf Hall through Greendale Forest. Swing by to say hello to Sabine if you didn't already last year! Use the fast transport between the festival grounds in Moorland and Jorvik Stables so you don’t waste a second of the festivities. Are you ready to introduce yourself to Lily and Luciana for a tour of the festival grounds?

The Baroness

At Jorvik Stables, the Butler has made an appearance. He explains that the Baroness will be arriving to Jorvik Stables later during the festival and she is very keen on finding who is the most talented rider and competitor of the festival. In order to impress the Baroness, you’ll need to take part in the festival competitions and championships to prove yourselves remarkable. When the Baroness arrives, you will be getting a chance to redeem a Prestigious Ribbon from her in exchange for tokens.


The Equestrian Festival week 2 — Be ready to show off your bold moves and greet the Lipizzaners!

Have a fun Festival filled week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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