Effortless Horse Riding

Effortless Horse Riding

March 29, 2023

Hey, StarFam. An implementation of the horse state machine means your horse riding experience is even better!

State Machine

Transitions between gaits will be much smoother and faster, giving you a more realistic experience. Plus, taking on fences will be a piece of cake now that your horse no longer needs a break between jumps. Riding the terrains of Jorvik will be much more realistic in general!

Implementing the state machine opens up many doors for what we can do with our horses and is a step toward releasing the new player character and horse progression. It makes processes easier for our developers and allows us to venture into new areas of movement, sound, and more!

This was a big technical update, so let us know if anything seems out of place. We have some remaining issues that we are still working on to fix and will be fixed as soon as possible. We want to share them with you so you are aware:

You might be stuck after a cutscene while doing the quest, An Upgraded Mr. Anwir
Jump sound is not triggered correctly in the fastest gallop.
You will see a slight delay after another player's horse has jumped and they will slide forward a bit.
Your horse might gain some speed, but not move forward when running up a slippery hill. Slowing down or changing direction should get you out of it.

Morgan Coat

We got some feedback on the Morgan coats, and now we’ve made some tweaks to all color variations! We reworked the textures and updated the greyscale. Check out our before and after!

Before Before

After! After!


The Equestrian Festival is almost here — get ready to feel the adrenaline!

Have a great week
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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