Next up in Jorvik!

Next up in Jorvik!

March 30, 2023

It is time to celebrate Equestrian culture on Jorvik! Take a sneak peek at the exciting things on their way to Jorvik!

Fierce Competition

April 5th

Spring is in the air, and the Equestrian Festival is back! Races and festival areas have been updated with new grand decor. Join this spectacular horse show that has intense races, outstanding equestrian outfits, and a friendly but fierce competition with our new daily group race! For all you fashionistas out there, Ginny and Loretta challenge you daily to dress up in a theme of their choosing.

Two Grand Premieres: Dressage and Lipizzaner

April 12th

The Lipizzaner shines with their refined gaits and moves. Not only can you do the graceful Levade, you can now also do the spectacular Capriole! Get comfy on your Lipizzaner with the new Iberian Saddle, suited for dressage and hacking. The new universal saddle pad comes in two different styles, one being perfect for your dressage performance. You’ve wished for it, we’ve wished for it, and it’s finally happening…the very first Dressage test arrives at Jorvik Stables for the festival!

Guess Who’s Back

April 19th

If you’ve shown your true potential these past two weeks, the Baroness has a prestigious ribbon to give out to you. But what is happening at the festival grounds at Jorvik Stables? Pigs are loose and someone has left the place in chaos! That can only mean one thing: Sabine is back! If you need a little break from the fierce competition, the Red String Trail Ride is back in Firgrove.

Turn of Events

April 26th

It’s the last week of the festival. You’ve been asked to get a delivery for Sabine…Something tells us that she hasn’t ordered candy! Let’s go all in with extra Horse XP at the festival, do all those dailies and get the rewards before the Equestrian Festival leaves for the year.

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