Game Update

Horses of Jorvik and major discounts!

maart 15, 2023

40% Horse Discount!

For the next four weeks, the Akhal-Teke, Marwari, and Arabian are discounted by 40%!

★ The Akhal-Teke is now 510 Star Coins and can be found at the Silverglade Vineyard.
★ The Marwari is now 570 Star Coins and can be found at Goldenleaf Stables.
★ The Arabian is now 570 Star Coins and can be found at Goldspur Farm.

These prices are valid until the Wednesday update on April 12th. This applies only to Generation 3 horses and does not include horses purchased in the Star Stable Horses app.

Get your discounted horses for the new Horses of Jorvik race!

Horses of Jorvik

If you haven’t yet met Guillermo, let us introduce you. He represents the organization Horses of Jorvik (HoJ for short) and comes to Jorvik to organize exclusive races. These races let horse owners show off their four-legged friends to other enthusiasts in Jorvik, just a few breeds at a time! During Guillermo’s latest stay, he’s putting the Akhal-Teke, Marwari, and Arabian in their very own race.

This new endurance race is temporarily located in South Hoof Peninsula. It’s exclusive to the horses mentioned and all their magical counterparts. If you enter the race on any other type of horse, you will kindly be asked to leave and return with another.

Where can I find it?
South Hoof Peninsula.

How do I get started?
Introduce yourself to Guillermo Gadea.

What is the reward?
500 Horse XP!

How long will it be here?
Guillermo has planned 4 weeks of racing for you to enjoy. Be sure to try it before the Wednesday update on April 12th.

Are there any race requirements?
You must be a Star Rider, own any of the horses mentioned of any generation, and have unlocked South Hoof.

Bobcats Makeover

The Bobcats have received a little glow up. Go say hello and see if you can find all the differences.

Horses on the move

We made a few adjustments to horse locations around Jorvik to make horses easier to find! All Generation 2 horses have been moved to the Horse Market, aside from the Welsh Ponies. We also reduced the amount of display horses of each breed! The following horses have also moved locations:

★ The Gen 3 Haflinger moved from the Riding Hall to Marley's Farm.
★ All Gen 3 English Thoroughbreds and Lusitanos moved to Silverglade Vineyard.
★ All Trakehners can be found at Goldenleaf Stables.
★ Two Gen 3 Jorvik Warmbloods moved to Crescent Moon Village.
★ All Jorvik Wild Horses are now in Redwood Point.
★ All Connemaras are now in Dundull.
★ Because of all these changes, Paddock Island and Birk’s Grange are now empty!


Anne has been asked to help train a young horse from the Jorvik Stables. Help Cayenne learn to be a better horse!

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥