Next up in Jorvik!

marzo 06, 2023

What energy do you need today?

March 8th

★ Ever had a day when you needed some extra self confidence or some harmony? Either Calder or Ephyra, maybe both, will be the horses that can give you just that. These crystal horses and their companion cats are here to give you the best energy needed to get through the day.

Guillermo will test your endurance

March 15th

★ Horses of Jorvik has once again moved to South Hoof Penunsila but this time with a new race. An endurance race that will take you down to the beach and back again. Better get dressed, cause it looks like it will rain quite a bit! An endurance race is perfect for the Marwari, Akahl-Teke and Arabian Thoroughbreds!

Anne is focusing on her passion for horses

March 22nd

★ Anne has been asked to help train a young horse from the Jorvik Stables. For safety reasons, one should not be alone while handling youngsters, so Anne would really appreciate your help. Team up at Steve's Farm to help youngster Cayenne learn how to become a riding horse - and maybe spending some time together will help you get to know Anne a bit better?

Effortless riding ahead

March 29th

★ Your horses will from now on give you a whole new riding experience thanks to the new state machine. Transitions between gaits will be much smoother and faster. Taking on fences will also be easier now that your horse no longer need a break between jumps. Taking on the terrains of Jorvik will be much easier. Implementing the state machine opens up many doors for what we can do with our horses and is a step toward releasing the new player character!

Prepare your horses, we are getting ready for Equestrian Festival!