Game Update

Prancing Ponies Promenading!

Championships Galore continues!

Pony enthusiast, Charles, has been put in charge of the Silversong Pony Championship! He’s given it a summery new look with butterflies, balloons, and more. Get your ponies ready for a beautiful, but challenging race!

To get started, talk to Agnes in Moorland. You need to have reached level 5 and have already been introduced to the Moorland Championship.


Championship Reputation

Once you start gaining reputation in the Silversong Pony Championship, you will unlock pieces of a special outfit! This exclusive set will be for sale in the Silversong Pony Championship Hub. If you’re feeling a bit impatient, there’s also a championship exclusive outfit that requires no reputation. Find it now at the Moorland Championship Hub and the Global Store!


New horses in the Bazaar!

The Traveling Bazaar is in Jorvik for one more week! Find discounts on horses, clothes, accessories, horse gear and more. This week we’ve added temporary discounts on the Chincoteague and Gotland Ponies! The Chincoteague Pony is now 420 Star Coins and the Gotland Pony is 490 Star Coins. So get on your horse and gallop to Moorland! These discounts are available until the Wednesday Update on March 8th.

Find all the deals at the Traveling Bazaar in Moorland!

Magical Horse Rotation!

Birkir and Hanami are back in Jorvik! Both horses, along with their spider pets, can be found at Gary’s camp in Moorland until the Wednesday update on March 29th.

★The Birkir is the horse of birch trees. Encountering a Birkir is a sign of a new beginning after overcoming hardship. They are most common in springtime and regularly aid lost travelers. The Birkir takes after the lithe Marwari, as straight and slender as the trunks of birch trees. Make one part of your family for 950 Star Coins.

★The Hanami belong to cherry trees and are a symbol of rebirth and herald of spring. Like blossoms, they are a reminder to treasure the beauty of today for it may be wilted and gone tomorrow, but will return again. To the untrained eye, the Hanami appear as a regular Percheron working horse, but to those who are magically inclined, their flowing flowery manes and bark-like coat are a sight to behold. Make one part of your family for 850 Star Coins.

When in their normal form, Birkir and Hanami disguise themselves as a Marwari and Percheron…

...and when in their magical coats, their true form shines!

Spider Pets

Bitey the birch spider is on a mission to eat through anything and everything in sight. No snack is safe, whether it be a bag of chips or the saddlebag it sits in. Despite their all-consuming appetite, Bitey has a heart of gold and will not make a meal out of you or your horse. Cherry the chomper has a more refined palate than their friend Bitey. They can only be tempted to take one nibble of a meal no matter how decadent. With this picky demeanor you would expect a royally sour attitude, but rest assured Cherry is as lovely as the tree they are named after. Bitey and Cherry cost 350 Star Coins each.

Bitey the birch spider and Cherry the chomper!

Horse Retirement

The next horse to leave us for greener pastures is the Generation 1 North Swedish Horse. During the Wednesday update on April 12th, it will leave Jorvik and not be available for purchase from then on. Find it at Ferdinand's Horse Market before it receives its well-earned retirement!

While we love each and every one of our old horses, we sometimes need to make changes to ensure the game can run at the best possible performance. One of these changes will be to slowly phase out our very oldest horses.

If you already have purchased this horse, no need to worry! The horse will stay unchanged in your safe ownership. Please note that they will not be further supported with bug fixes, updates, or new tack.

Bonus Shop!

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who became Star Rider by one-time payment! The Night Rider Pants signal that you're the bold and daring type.


The dazzling Calder and Ephyra are imbued with the magic of powerful Jorvegian crystals!

Have a fantastic week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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