The Jorvik Gazette!

The Jorvik Gazette!

January 25, 2023

Hey, StarFam! Introducing the Jorvik Gazette — a paper for the people!

Jorvik Gazette

Imane Highcantle and her trusty mare, Sahara, have come to Jarlaheim to produce the first edition of the Jorvik Gazette! To get this paper to production and out in Jorvik, you’ll assist in every step of the process. Set up the Jorvik Gazette offices, snap photos, and get them delivered. Most importantly, the Jorvik Gazette needs content! Interview all the exciting people of Jorvik, put on your best editor hat, and decide which stories are being published.

Meet Imane in Jarlaheim to get your editorial skills put to work! You must have unlocked Epona and opened the gate towards Crescent Moon Village and New Hillcrest.

Imane, Jorvik’s most tenacious journalist! Imane, Jorvik’s most tenacious journalist!

Mix and Match

A new shipment of the Sunset Trails riding set has arrived with four new colors! The Sky Blue and Honey variations match with blankets already released in Moorland. Plus the Onyx and Snow White variations make it easy to mix and match with your friends. The set is on display and ready to purchase in the Global Store and the shops in Dundull!

Mix and match with your favorite tack! Mix and match with your favorite tack!

Story snack!

The Life Warden sapling still needs tending to. You, Lisa, and Linda must care for this little sapling together. A bit of magical gardening is needed once a week these coming 3 weeks to help it to start growing! Head to the Forgotten Fields to get started.

You must be a Star Rider and have finished all the main story quests to take part.

Nurture the Life Warden sapling to help it grow! Nurture the Life Warden sapling to help it grow!


A new arrival brings jumping exercise courses for your horse!

Have a lovely week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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