Next up in Jorvik!

Next up in Jorvik!

January 9, 2023

We have some amazing content coming up for you guys over the next month. Take a sneak peek at the exciting things on their way to Jorvik!

Kick-start the year with Horses of Jorvik

January 11th

Guillermo is back and this time with his show jumping race at Jorvik Stables Arena! Bring out your sporty horses, Belgian Warmblood, Trakehner, and Jorvik Warmblood, and let them show off their jumping skills.

New color variations and Story Snacks with a twist

January 18th

Four different breeds are coming in six new colors! Which will be the first friend of the new year to join your stable? Lisa and Linda must care for the sapling you planted in the Forgotten Fields. A bit of magical gardening is needed these coming 4 weeks to help it to start growing.

Be a journalist for Jorvik Gazette

January 25th

Ready to meet a new friend? Imane the journalist and her trusty mare, Sahara, have come to Jorvik in hopes of starting a newspaper. Let’s work together to put out the first edition of the Jorvik Gazette! While you’re at it, you can show off your new clothes and horse gear. Do you like yellow or do you prefer classic white?

Steve’s paddock is the place to be!

February 1st

Are you and your horse up for a new training challenge? Tai, a new face in town, noticed that Steve’s paddock is perfect for gymnastic jumping exercises! These exercises are perfect for you and your horse to master Jorvik’s races. We know you love spending time at Steve’s Farm. Luckily, Steve has noticed too! He’s added props to use in his paddock for your training or riding classes. Plus magical Horse rotation: Erinys and Petra.

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