Game Update

Chapter 5: The Last Snow

styczeń 04, 2023

Blizzard Warning!

Our weather report tells us that the blizzards have returned! Brave the chill of Jorvik’s sudden blizzards and help those in need! They will hit random spots in Jorvik every day between the hours of 8-10 AM and 5-7 PM. The blizzards won’t be hard to spot. A distinctive snow flurry in the sky will guide you to your hero’s quest. Blizzards are predicted for the next week only, so hurry and locate them!

Keep in mind that blizzard times are based on your server time. There will be 1 quest for every snow crisis period, meaning 2 per day. One quest will be available to all players, and one to Star Riders only. You will be granted Winter Tokens upon completing your quests!

Magical Horse Rotation

Something else has returned to Jorvik — Whinfells and Nixies! These magical horses were created with heavy influences from Pandoric energy flows, which is how they change their colors! The Whinfells are 599 Star Coins each, and the Nixies are 399 Star Coins each. They will be leaving during the Wednesday update on February 1st, when some other magical friends come for a visit! Find them with Gary Goldtooth at his usual camp in Moorland.

Magical visitors!

The Final Chapter

Every story must come to an end! The final chapter of our snow saga closes during the next Wednesday update. Make sure to spend your Winter Tokens and collect all your gifts under the Yule Tree. This is also your very last chance to exchange Warm Wishes at the exchange shop in the Winter Village. You can exchange them for Horse XP, Jorvik Shillings or Fireworks! Warm Wishes will not be exchangeable next year.

The Bonus Shop

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who became Star Rider by one-time payment! The Night Rider Moto Jacket signals that you're the bold and daring type.


Horses of Jorvik is already here for the new year!

Enjoy the last week of winter!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥