Game Update

Black Friday Deals and New Story Quest!

Hey, StarFam! What secrets lie within Fort Maria? Join the Soul Riders to find out!

New Story Quest!

While libraries tend to hold a wealth of information, the Fort Maria library harbors more secrets than most. Join the Soul Riders to discover something (or somewhere?) is hiding within its walls. Follow clues, use your magic, and form an uneasy allyship to save Jorvik. Hurry, an adventure awaits!

You must be a Star Rider and have completed all previous story quests to get started on your mission.

What on earth is happening in the Fort Maria library?

Black Friday!

The Traveling Bazaar has arrived in Jorvik with amazing Black Friday deals on horses, clothes, accessories, horse gear and more! So get on your horse and gallop to Moorland, where you will find the Traveling Bazaar. We will have deals and giveaways until November 30th!

50% off horse breeds
Treat yourself to a new horse with discounts on our Arabian, Icelandic, Mustang, and Jorvik Warmblood breeds.

Sales on tons of items
We have permanently lowered the prices of 70 unique styles, accessories and horse gear. You find all these items in the shops at the Traveling Bazaar.

Happy horse week
We want every horse to have the happiest week at Jorvik during Black Friday. Therefore, everyone gets 7 days free stable care!

Stay tuned for Friday.

To be revealed…
Our players’ favorite offer will go live on Thursday, November 24 at 15:00h UTC. Plus, unlock the full Star Stable experience with this offer, coming Monday, November 28 at 08:00h UTC!

Find all the deals at the Traveling Bazaar in Moorland!


We heard it was a bit tricky to unlock Epona so we’ve removed some dependencies! You no longer have to complete the quest with Nic Stoneground in Dino Valley, or have helped the German tourists with their problems near Firgrove. Just so it’s not TOO easy, we’ve added a player level 14 requirement. You will still need the reputation level Friendly with the GED Jarlaheim office. We hope more of you will be able to enjoy this beautiful part of Jorvik!

What else is new this week?

Two things have gotten a brand-new look. Can you find what they are? Search around Jorvik and let us know what you think!


A new, permanent race in South Hoof and tack to boot.

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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