Game Update

Herman’s Homecoming and HoJ!

novembre 09, 2022

Hey, StarFam! Horses of Jorvik returns this week. And who remembers Herman?

Herman’s Homecoming

After an immeasurable amount of time spent vacationing, saving Jorvik, or being missing (perhaps a mix of all three), it’s finally time for Herman to come home! Tag along for one last adventure before he returns to the comfort and familiarity of Jorvik Stables.

Meet Lisa and Stein in Jorvik Stables to bring Herman home! You must have completed the quest where you rescue Herman (“United with Snowdrop“) and saved LIsa (“Lisa’s Relief”).

Let’s bring Herman home!

Horses of Jorvik

If you haven’t yet met Guillermo, let us introduce you. He represents the organization Horses of Jorvik (HoJ for short). He comes to Jorvik every couple months to organize exclusive races. These races let horse owners show off their four-legged friends to other enthusiasts in Jorvik, just a few breeds at a time! During Guillermo’s latest stay, he’s putting Western horses in the spotlight.

His Western-inspired race is temporarily located in Starshine Ranch. It’s exclusive to the American Quarter Horse, American Paint Horse, Curly Horse and all their magical variations (Laverna, Heidrun, and Tombhoof). If you enter the race on any other type of horse, you will kindly be asked to leave and return with another.

Where can I find it?
Starshine Ranch.

How do I get started?
Introduce yourself to Guillermo Gadea.

What is the reward?
500 Horse XP!

How long will it be here?
Guillermo has planned 4 weeks of racing for you to enjoy. Be sure to try it before the Wednesday update on December 7th.

Are there any race requirements?
You must be a Star Rider, own any of the horses mentioned of any generation, and have unlocked Starshine Ranch.


Luckily, if you don’t own these horses, we have some on discount for the next four weeks! The American Paint Horse is now 600 Star Coins and the American Quarter Horse is 620 Star Coins! Find them both at Starshine Ranch.The Curly Horse is now only 510 Star Coins and is located in Firgrove!

These prices are valid until the Wednesday update on December 7th. This applies only to Generation 3 horses and does not include horses purchased in the Star Stable Horses app.

The American Quarter, American Paint, and Curly Horse are discounted for the next four weeks!

Story snacks!

Since your last meeting with Mrs. Holdsworth, she uncovered a page that was ripped out of a ledger. It looks to be written by a city official or druid presiding over the internment of Jon Jarl. Meet her at the Fort Maria library and see what you can make of all this information!

You must be a Star Rider, have finished all the main story quests, and be up to date on story snacks to take part.

Star Coin and Jorvik Shilling update!

A little while ago, the Star Coin and Jorvik Shilling icons were given a visual update. We did this for a few reasons. First, we wanted the icons to look cohesive with our brand and fit the visual updates we’ve made in game and will continue to make going forward. Second, we wanted to ensure the icons looked the same across all our channels, which had been inconsistent. Our team worked hard to create new assets that provided visual consistency and looked great across all of our channels.

Once we launched the new look, you guys gave us a lot of important and constructive feedback! We took these suggestions seriously and made an additional update. Here are main concerns we addressed:

★ Accessibility issues for those who are color blind.

★ The shapes looked too similar and it was difficult to differentiate between the two.

We made changes to the saturation and contrast, amping up the intensity of the star and the J. We also made sure to run the new designs through programs that test visuals for color blindness. We then changed the overall design on the JS. Instead of the silver circle, it is now a hexagonal bronze coin, to further differentiate it from the SC icon. Thanks for your valuable feedback!

Below you can see the new designs compared to older designs.


The Belgian Warmblood makes its way into Jorvik along with a very special variation. Are you All In?

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥