Next up in Jorvik!

Next up in Jorvik!

November 3, 2022

We have some amazing content coming up for you guys over the next month. Take a sneak peek at the exciting things on their way to Jorvik!

Herman’s return

November 9th

It’s finally time for Herman’s return to Jorvik Stables after a long adventure. Yet we have a feeling his adventure is far from over. Something else that is not over yet, is Mrs. Holdsworth research, make sure to go through new finds with her, it will come in handy in the future…Giddy up! Guillermo Gadea is back with a western inspired race for Horses of Jorvik.

Are you all in?

November 16th

A galant arrival - The Belgian Warmblood! There’s 7 brilliant variations, one of which is modeled after the real-life horse H&M All In: the Olympic medalist! If you’re ready to feel like a champion, jump in style with the new jumping blankets and boot variations! Then you’ll be all set to try out two H&M races - one returning, one new, part of a marketing collaboration between Star Stable and H&M We Love Horses. Once the action is over, retire to the library with Mrs. Holdsworth to continue her research.

Through the Vala Portal

November 23rd

If you’ve been following Mrs. Holdsworth’s work, your research now bears fruit! Follow the Soul Riders, Beatrix, Concorde the Foal, and Mrs. Holdsworth on an incredible journey. Meet new acquaintances and revisit old faces but above all, think fast and don’t be left behind.

Race in style!

November 30th

Skip is waiting for you by South Hoof Ranch to try out the new South Hoof Cross Country race. Calling all Jorvik Fashionistas: new leg wraps, boots, and show jumping saddle pads are out in lovely pastel colors!

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