Price Increase, Star Coin Bundles & Pay Once Star Rider

Price Increase, Star Coin Bundles & Pay Once Star Rider

September 12, 2022

Hey, StarFam! We’re increasing the price of Star Coins and our Pay Once Star Rider membership. Let’s talk about why!

What’s changing?

The price for Pay Once Star Rider and for Star Coins will increase. The exact amount varies by currency, but on average it will increase by 10%. This will not affect the price of Star Rider by recurring subscription. In other words, if you are already a Star Rider, you will still pay the same subscription price as you do today.

Of course, we will keep running offers and Double Star Coin weekends. Keep an eye out for those!

When will this happen?

This price increase will take effect on September 26th, giving you two weeks to make any purchases at current prices.

Why are we increasing prices?

We are continuously developing the Star Stable game and story, delivering new content each week. However, Star Stable has not increased our prices since 2016. Since that time, we have made many improvements and grown our team to lay the foundation for delivering more content, updating our technology, and working to communicate and support our passionate community!

In addition to our growth over the years, the high global inflation rate has put pressure on many industries and the gaming industry is no exception. We continue to have ambitious plans to make SSO even better. We carefully considered the situation and concluded that a price increase is the right step for Star Stable.

Price increases are never fun, and we understand that this may disappoint some of you in our community. Increasing our prices plays a role in ensuring we can continue to create more in-game content for you to enjoy!

Coming before the end of the year:

4 weeks of Halloween festivities

5 weeks of our Winter Festival

A new story quest – stay tuned for details!

In the works for next year:

Even more festival improvements

New gameplay mechanics

Player character update

And yes, more new quests!

And don’t forget, we are working hard to put SSO in the hands of Android users!

Check out our FAQ page if you need more information. You can also read more about what we are doing behind the scenes each month on our Star Stable blog!

We are so excited for an even better future of Star Stable, together with all of you in our amazing, passionate, brilliant community!
Much love from the Star Stable Team ♥

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