Let’s celebrate Midsummer!

Let’s celebrate Midsummer!

June 22, 2022

Hi StarFam! Our Midsummer celebrations are here! Let’s welcome summer with the help of the Jorvik Rangers.

The Midsummer celebrations will go on until the Wednesday update on July 6th, and all players, even Non-Star Riders, will be able to participate.

Join the festivities!

The Jorvik Rangers are hosting a traditional Jorvegian Midsummer celebration next to Old Jasper’s farm in Moorland. They are working hard to get the food, music, and decor ready on time, so they’ll be grateful for any help you can offer!

Let’s give Midsummer one last hurrah!

On the Wednesday update on July 6th, we will be giving a final farewell to Jorvik’s Midsummer Festival as we know it. After this, we will be reshaping and updating some of our summer activities. We know that this will disappoint some, and for that reason, we would love to hear your favorite parts of the Midsummer activities, so we bring that into next year’s Summer Festival!

There is still plenty of time to join the party and welcome summer with all of our fun-filled activities. Plus, the Midsummer sets will eventually be added to the global shop so you can wear your floral fits whenever you’re feeling in a summer mood. There will also be a Second Hand Midsummer shop where you can purchase floral wreaths and summer clothing that will no longer be sold after Midsummer has ended.

What needs to be done before the festivities can start?
Stanislav the Jorvik Ranger needs your help to set up the Midsummer Pole so we can join in on some classic frog dancing!
Ashley the Jorvik Ranger is in need of assistance in order to meet all the safety requirements for the traditional Midsummer fire!
If you can’t wait for the Midsummer feast, Dylan the Jorvik Ranger is here for you. He needs some help to check up on his deliveries for the party!

When the party is ready, there’s tons to celebrate!
Play along to our cool Midsummer music with your friends! Walk up to one of the musical instruments on the stage and show the world that you your best rock moves!
Take a break with your friends and have a picnic by the tables or by the picnic blankets, or why not hang by the stands to watch your friends perform on stage!
And you know what, we’re not done yet! Keep on reading to find out more!

The fishing pond

You can’t celebrate Midsummer without a fishing pond! You can fish here once a day to get a random reward. It can either be anything from a small snack or a clothing item. In total there are 10 items to collect! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go fishing!

Dream a little dream

If you pick seven different kinds of flowers on Midsummer Night’s Eve and sleep with them beneath your pillow, it’s said that you’ll dream about a special someone. Who will be the one in your dreams? Visit the special flower tent to try it out!

Dream a little dream of a special someone! Dream a little dream of a special someone!

To start any of these quests you must have already raised the Midsummer Pole.

Midsummer wreaths!

Of course we haven’t forgotten about the traditional Midsummer wreaths! There’s a beautiful array of wreaths in the Midsummer shop. These traditional wreaths are made with flowers found in Jorvik. Get a wreath for you and your horse for only 1 Jorvik Shilling each! You’ll both be dancing around the Maypole in style!

The Midsummer sets

Two seasonal sets for you and your horse! Find the seasonal sets in the Midsummer shop along with sweet items from previous celebrations.

Token of appreciation

We wish to give you a little something as a thank you for being with us while we continue to explore how our game will grow going forward. It is not always easy, and sometimes growing means growing pains. We want to give you a token of gratitude by giving you this Imperial Splendor’s set. Use this code, FEELINSPLENDID, and you will find all the clothing items in your in-game mailbox.

You have to be level 9 to be able to wear the set.

Redeem the code FEELINSPLENDID for this set. Redeem the code FEELINSPLENDID for this set.

Happy Horse Week!

To tie everything together, and so that you and your horses can celebrate happily, we are treating you all to 7 days of free stable care. This means that all of your horses will be feeling their very best for an entire week!.

Epic Games Launch

Exciting news! Star Stable Online is now available to play on the Epic Games Store for PC & Mac. The experience is the exact same as the version you are familiar with. Star Stable Online can now reach more players, inviting new friends to start their new adventures in Jorvik!

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


Be ready to welcome two new magical ichthyic friends: Sedna and Proteus!

Have a great week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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