GameGuard Removal

GameGuard Removal

June 16, 2022

Hey StarFam. After having GameGuard active on Windows for three weeks, we can now see that the results have not been as we wished. We have therefore decided to roll back our GameGuard launch, which means it will no longer be active on your system.

If you uninstall the game, the GameGuard service will be removed from your computer. You can check yourself in the “Services” window of your computer, especially if you want to make sure that it has been uninstalled. Make sure you reset the window to update it. When you then reinstall Star Stable, GameGuard will not be redownloaded to your computer. If you need help, or think you still see GameGuard files in your system, contact us and we will do our best to help walk you through it!

We recognize that there are some players who cheat, and making the game equal for everyone is still a high priority for us. We wanted GameGuard to be a part of the solution for this, but unfortunately we are not able to quickly repair some of the issues that it has created for our players. We will continue looking into a long-term solution for the cheating issues but right now it will take some time for us to move forward with future solutions.

We want to thank you all for the patience that you have had with us during this time as we have tried to figured out these challenges, and we have learned that we need to better communicate around big changes like this. We realize that it should not only have been communicated more in advance, but also more in depth before the release. We have taken that to heart and will make sure to apply these lessons moving forward.

Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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