Next up in Jorvik!

Next up in Jorvik!

May 25, 2022

We have some amazing content coming up for you guys over the next month. Take a sneak peek at the exciting things on their way to Jorvik!

Rainbow Festival - Week 1:

June 8th

The Rainbow Festival begins and the Cloud Kingdom has returned! Head over to any stable in Jorvik and help Pico the Frog find Mica. Join her on an adventure above the clouds full of colo– …actually all colours have faded away!? Who’s behind this?! Make sure to take pictures, now that you’re able to hide other players in photo mode!

Rainbow Festival - Week 2:

June 15th

The colors have gone again – but just from the rainbows! You’ll have to make a decision in order to restore the Cloud Kingdom, choose wisely. Cloud Kingdom activities such as a picnic above the clouds and races are still going.

Midsummer Festival - Week 1:

June 22nd

Jorvik Rangers have gathered up by Moorland to celebrate Midsummer! Your help is required to kick off the party. Check out two of the Midsummer shops, one of them contains items that are here for one final sale, so don’t miss out! Once your festival look is completed, have fun on stage with new music and play with all kinds of instruments. Collect new items in the Fishing Pond!

Midsummer Festival - Week 2:

June 29th

Last week of the Midsummer Festival! Midsummer continues, be sure to check it out before it leaves. Be ready to welcome two new magical ichthyic friends: Sedna and Proteus, along with their pets!

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