Star Stable Horses: The Beauty Salon Update

Star Stable Horses: The Beauty Salon Update

May 17, 2022

Hey StarFam! A new update is rolling out right now on our app Star Stable Horses! It’s bringing changes to the horse care system and a stylish Beauty Salon full of adorable accessories for your horses.

The Beauty Salon

Visit our new Beauty Salon and choose from a variety of options to pretty up your horses. You can purchase accessories with Gold Coins or Gems and if you finish the tutorial you will get rewarded with one blue bow right away!

The Mood Bar

Just like in real life your foals will now require your care and attention to stay happy. The Mood Bar will show the current mood of your horse. Performing the Caring Tasks daily will keep them content and trusting.

Caring Tasks and Training

In the Quests menu you will now be able to see the tasks which influence the horse’s happiness - they are marked by a heart. Games which raise a horse's overall level remain marked by a star. Don’t worry though, it still takes the same amount of time to level up your horse as before!

Daily Tasks and Weekly Rewards

Log in every day and finish a set of different daily objectives to earn Gold Coins and tasty treats for your horses. This will also fill up your Weekly Rewards bar. The reward for completing it is a handful of Gems!


You will notice that after harvesting the same crop patch many times, it will need some time to recover and enter a cooldown state. Now you can remove it by using fertilizer, which you can buy in the shop with Gems. Fertilizer not only gets rid of the cooldown, but also gives you double the amount of crops for your next harvest!

Have fun playing with your foals!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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