The Powerful Paso Fino

The Powerful Paso Fino

May 4, 2022

The Paso Fino has arrived in Jorvik with some old friends!

The Paso Fino

This refined and powerful breed traces its lineage to the horses carried from Spain to the Dominican Republic by Christopher Columbus.The Paso Fino, whose name means Fine Step, is an athlete with a unique tölt in two speeds and forms of collection: the Classic Fino and Paso Largo. Paso Finos come in every base color, with or without markings or patterns.

The Paso Fino is popular for trail, endurance, and pleasure riding, mounted games and horse trick shows. The breeders of Jorvik cultivated the natural stamina, smooth gait, and calm temperament of these magnificent companions, so prepare to sit comfortably in the saddle all day!

What's the new breed?
The Paso Fino!

Where can I get it?
One horse is available in Fort Pinta and the rest can be found at Steve’s Farm.

How much does it cost?
950 Star Coins.

What level do I have to be?
Anyone will be able to get one of the color variation in Fort Pinta right away! To get the other variations, you must have reached level 9.

How many coat variations do they have?
There are seven beautiful coat colors for you to choose from.

What mane styles do they have?
In addition to their standard, long mane style, there are four mane styles available to purchase. You can also purchase one new, extra mane style!

Is there anything else I should know?
The Paso Fino has a special move AND special gait! The special move is the Classic Fino: a fast but short four beat rack with full collection. Click the spacebar while the horse is standing still to witness it! The special gait is the Paso Largo: a four beat racking gait with moderate to minimal collection that the horse can do for a longer period of time. Keep your horse at a walk and ask it to speed up while holding down the Shift key to ride in this beautiful gait! Also...

New blanket and saddle

A dressage blanket is a staple in any equestrian's wardrobe! There are six colors to choose from so you can match with your favorite tack. Speaking of, the updated dressage saddle comes in four colors with silver or gold hardware! Find both at the The Vineyard Gear Store in the Silverglade Equestrian Center or the Global Store. These can be worn by the Paso Fino, English Thoroughbred, Lusitano, and Arabian. All horses going forward will be fitted as well!

These items are for players level 12 and higher.

New blanket and saddle! New blanket and saddle!

Why can’t I wear the blanket and saddle on more horses?

It takes a lot of time to fit gear to horses we already have in-game and it can often be tricky. For now, this blanket and saddle will fit the Paso Fino, English Thoroughbred, Lusitano, Arabian and all upcoming horses. Retrofitting to all Gen 3 horses is an ongoing process!

The return of the Whinfells

The next round of Whinfell horses are visiting Gary in Moorland for a whole month! These magical horses were created with heavy influences from Pandoric energy flows, which is how they change their colors! They will be leaving during the Wednesday update on June 1st, when some other magical friends come for a visit! Find them on the road to Fort Pinta and make one yours for 599 Star Coins!

The Bonus Shop

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who became Star Rider by one-time payment! The Admiral’s Dressage Bridle is inspired by the uniform of the last Jorvegian Admiral!

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


The Baroness is more excited than ever to expand on her Racetrack with a new championship!

Have a lovely week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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