Marley’s Farm Revamp and Quest!

January 26, 2022

Hey StarFam! Marley’s Farm has a brand-new look! Join Marley as he gathers his siblings to honor his late father, Ronnie Bob.

Marley’s Farm

Marley updated his farm! If you can’t head over immediately to check it out, here’s a quick recap:

What’s new?
Improved graphics
Extra roads for better navigation
Updated obstacles in both of Marley’s races
All the Marley’s Farm horses have been moved into the stable
Marley’s house got a refresh and is looking more inviting
There’s lots of little changes that upgrade the farm’s overall look. See if you can spot them all!

In memory of Ronnie Bob Summers?

Marley and his siblings can’t seem to agree on the fate of their father, Ronnie Bob Summers. Nonetheless, they’ve decided to raise a memorial in his honor! Marley just needs help getting the final piece together for the memorial. It's up to you to make sure Marley's gathering can take place - but what's going on with Big Bonny and her video call?

To help Marley with his memorial, you must be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where Courtney and Karl Franz start the café on the rooftop in Silverglade Vineyard.

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


Marley’s Farm gets even better with a new race!

Have an awesome week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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