Best of 2021 Star Rider Bundles - out now!

Best of 2021 Star Rider Bundles - out now!

January 26, 2022

Hey StarFam!

We’re well into the new year, but we’ve been reflecting on the wonderful things that happened in 2021, especially our 10th anniversary. In that moment, the Star Stable community was drawn together as never before in a shared celebration of Jorvik, horses, and friendship!

To honor that awesome moment - and help create more unforgettable fun for you and your friends in the new year - we’ve packed some of the very best gear released during our birthday festivities in these Star Rider offers.

Best of 2021 Pay Once Star Rider

After ten years in the saddle, we love horseback adventure even more! If you feel the same, become a Star Rider FOREVER with this Pay Once bundle. You’ll get all the perks of being a Star Rider plus gear for different riding disciplines and a new furry friend!

Pay Once membership
1200 Star Coins
Western tack, race gear, dressage apparel, and the Celebrations Cat

Get the Best of 2021 Pay Once Bundle

Best of 2021 One Month Bundle

If you’re new to Jorvik, you can start making memories of your Star Stable journey with this One Month Star Rider offer. It means access to more quests, horses, and exclusive areas, plus special bonuses that will immerse you in our wonderful magical world!

One Month membership
100 Star Coins
Western and dressage gear, the Birthday Bunny, and Skye’s outfit

Grab the Best of 2021 One Month Bundle

These Star Rider bundles are available until 15:00 UTC on 22 March 2022. Some items included in the Best of 2021 Pay Once Bundle are only available to players at level 9 and higher. The Best of 2021 One Month Bundle is only available to players who have not paid for Star Rider before.

Star Stable Entertainment reserves the right to discontinue or adjust this promotion at any time. Modifications to the offer will be communicated.

Enjoy your week in the saddle! ♥
Your Star Stable Team

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