Your help is needed in Wildwoods!

Your help is needed in Wildwoods!

November 24, 2021

Hey StarFam! An agent of the Spymaster was sent into Wildwoods...only to never return! Help discover the agent’s fate in a new quest.

Mystery in Wildwoods

The Spymaster’s agent, Sahar, was sent into the Wildwoods to explore the region. Now the Druid’s location is unknown. Meanwhile, tensions between the Herds of Wildwoods are heightened due to a series of events the horses blame upon each other. Help the Spymaster investigate the disappearance and you will discover a greater mystery is afoot than the fate of the lost Druid.

To get started, make sure to answer the text message sent from Spymaster when he is ready to meet you! You must be a Star Rider, and have completed the quest where you help Gary Goldtooth and Ash to bring a Wild Horse back to Wildwoods. You also must have completed the graduation ceremony after the Spymaster trials in Mistfall.

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