The updated Icelandic is here!

The updated Icelandic is here!

November 17, 2021

Hey StarFam! We’re super excited to announce the Icelandic Horse has gotten a glow-up!

The new and improved Icelandic!

Iceland is a place of timeless beauty and unforgiving elements, and it's no surprise it's home to one of the world’s hardiest horse breeds. Of course, Icelandics find themselves right at home in Jorvik too! So we gave this horse a gorgeous update to celebrate their time in Jorvik with us.

To have an Icelandic horse is to have a loyal and true friend for life, who will brave blizzards to keep you warm and carry you home when you are hopelessly lost.

Which Icelandic is your favorite? Which Icelandic is your favorite? #IceIceLandic

What's the new breed?
The updated Icelandic!

Where can I get it?
One horse is available in Fort Pinta and the rest are at home in New Hillcrest in Epona.

How much does it cost?
950 Star Coins.

What level do I have to be?
Anyone can get the Icelandic in Fort Pinta. To get the other variations, you must have reached level 15.

How many coat variations do they have?
There are six charming colors for you to choose from.

What mane styles do they have?
In addition to the Icelandic’s unique mane, there are four standard mane styles to purchase: roached, mohawk with open forelock, and competition buds (you can choose this style with or without the Icelandic’s signature bushy forelock). You can also purchase two extra mane styles: short and flat, or short and fluffy for added Icelandic floof!

Is there anything else I should know?
Usually, Jorvik’s horses have the gaits Walk → Trot → Canter → Gallop → Fast Gallop. The Icelandic has the gaits Walk → Trot → Canter → Flying Pace → Fast Gallop. The Icelandic also has another truly unique way of walking: a special gait called the 'tölt'. Make your Icelandic go faster while holding down the SHIFT key while at a walk to see it! The Icelandic can jump from “Flying Pace”, but not from a tölt.

New Bridles!

The drop noseband bridle is the go-to choice for Iceland’s beloved breed. This bridle allows for close communication! And when you’re in the middle of a wild quest (and with Icelandics, you usually are), that is EXACTLY what you need.

Forged of soft leather and shiny silver and gold fittings, you’ll find the drop noseband bridles in a range of classy color combinations. Find them at the Global Store and one of the shops in New Hillcrest!

Pets in the Global Store

Something else is arriving in the Global Store this week—pets! Now it is easier than ever to find your perfect companion. You can find and buy most pets in the Global Store with the exception of limited pets.

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


Help the Spymaster investigate the disappearance of one of his agents, a Druid sent into the Wildwoods to explore the region. A greater mystery is afoot than the fate of the lost Druid.

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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