The spooky season is upon us!

The spooky season is upon us!

October 20, 2021

BOOO, StarFam! Halloween is here again! This ghostly time of year brings mischief, magic and frightful fun.

We’ll be celebrating Halloween until the Wednesday update on November 10. Some of the content might be a bit scary for our youngest players, so we encourage you to take the opportunity to play with a friend or a parent!

Welcome to Galloper’s Keep!

All the children of Jorvik have heard the spooky legend of the headless rider known as Galloper Thompson. Most may have believed this tale to be nothing but a scary story, but then, how would you explain the portals that show up on Jorvik around Halloween…?

Enter any of the many portals scattered around Jorvik to venture to Galloper’s Keep, the homestead of Galloper Thompson himself! Always riding his magnificent Jorvik Wild Horse, this legend now invites you to his home - for a limited time

Haunted Trail Ride

The trail ride is back with even more surprises! By entering one of the portals at Galloper’s Keep, you’ll be able to join in on the haunting experience. Starting by the Light Ride Trail Ride by Goldenleaf Stables, this creepy ride will give you a scare or two for sure! The mountain holds many paths, and if you try them all out there’s no telling what is lurking near, and who you will meet...

If you find some obstacles along the way a bit too hard or scary to overcome, you can avoid certain paths of the trail and find another way to get to the end! When you’ve found a portal back to Galloper’s Keep, your horse will receive some XP as a reward for making it through.

Warning: This creepy trail holds many surprises, but we want to give you an extra warning if you would rather avoid snakes and spiders! Everyone will be able to join the trail ride, even if you haven’t yet unlocked Goldenhills Valley!

Poe the Crow will know where to go!

Poe the Crow is sitting at Moorland stable for those who need some extra guidance to Galloper’s Keep. Poe is your resident Halloween expert and tour guide. This raven has the low-down on all the Halloween events and will take you through them:

Galloper's Playground—Talk to Ghost Guide and hear an overview of Galloper's Keep
A Creepy Keep Tour—Kasper, will tell you to go check out several locations around the Keep!
Race Through Galloper's Memories
A Race Through Scarecrow Hill
Pumpkin Tag!—Complete a Pumpkin Hunt
Dungeons and Pumpkins—Complete the Pacman mini-game!
The Haunted Trail Ride!

Collect soul shards!

Many of these events will reward you with soul shards. In the middle of Galloper’s Keep you’ll find a huge cauldron thirsting for soul shards. If you drop soul shards into the bubbling potion you might get yourself a reward…

To collect even more Soul Shards, you need to find ghostly tornadoes appearing around Jorvik. Upon reaching one, it will release several small shards you will have to collect in order to make up one Soul Shard. A storm appears at the top of every hour, so ride out in Jorvik to find it! No time to waste - you never know how long the vortex will stay.

Magic horses!

Jorvik is rich with tales of nature spirits appearing as horses. Two of those spirits are strongly linked to grim stories reminding the listener that appearances are deceiving.

The Duskgrim of the barren mountains look deadly even though they come to help. On the flip side the Songsorrows seem tame, even pitiful, until it is too late to escape the vicious water horse. As a legend intrinsically tied to Jorvik’s landscape it is no surprise that they appear as Jorvik Wild Horses.

Duskgrim and Songsorrow

Myths tell of a horse followed by ravens descending to Jorvik and appearing to an unsuspecting person. The inky black horse charges at the human, the fearsome appearance and cawing ravens driving the person away in terror. Later the person finds tragedy has struck, unaware the Duskgrim appeared to help guide them from disaster. The well meaning spirit is treated as an omen of doom, their mere presence bringing despair even though they come to help. Despite the grim legends a white Duskgrim is good luck, a messenger from fate of a bright new dawn. Like ravens, Duskgrims are incredibly intelligent and social, perhaps unaware of the stories they are a part of. They reward those who show them kindness with unwavering loyalty.

The Songsorrows are Jorvik’s waters given threatening form. Nearly every beach, river, and lake has at least one story of a Songsorrow. In some accounts the water source was created by the horse’s tears after losing their rider, and now the spirit waits for their rider’s return, crying a haunting song that lures the unsuspecting onto their back. Songsorrows, as embodiments of water, are versatile in temperament. They can be calm or dangerous, frozen or boiling, and should be treated with caution. To befriend a Songsorrow is no easy task as they are willful creatures, demanding time and patience to overcome their emotional and volatile nature.

Songsorrow and Duskgrim can only be found in Galloper’s Keep for a limited time.

When in their normal form, they disguise themselves as Jorvik Wild Horses... When in their normal form, they disguise themselves as Jorvik Wild Horses...

...and when in their magical coats, their true form appears! ...and when in their magical coats, their true form appears!

These unearthly creatures will join your family for 975 Star Coins each. Keep in mind you won’t be able to change their mane style.

Spooky Pets

Alongside Duskgrims are often found ravens. Although feared for their appearance and reputation, Duskwing Ravens are neutral signs of transition. They will remind you to rest a moment and reflect before continuing to something new. Those seeking guidance would do well to find a white Dawnwing Raven as a friend, as they are good omens symbolizing new opportunities and bright futures.

If you seek a corvid companion, the ravens have an adoption fee of 379 SC each! You’ll also find the Pepita Pixie Balloon!

To make these pets fly next to you, place it in a saddlebag attached to your horse’s saddle and press “P”.

Songsorrow and Duskgrim, along with the pets, are available for three weeks. They will leave Jorvik during the Wednesday update on November 10th.

Halloween Shops

At Galloper’s Keep you can purchase Halloween outfits and tack! Try the Duskwing Set for a dark and mysterious look, or the adorable Pepita Pixie Set.

The perfect set if you’re feeling witchy. The perfect set if you’re feeling witchy.

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


This ghostly time of year lures in the most menacing of spirits and Galloper Thompson is no exception. Join Linda on a quest to discover his origin story.

Have a spoooooky week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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