The all-new American Paint Horse!

The all-new American Paint Horse!

September 8, 2021

Hey StarFam! The all-new American Paint has arrived!

The American Paint Horse

There’s nothing quite like a horse and rider roaming freely together, with nothing else before them but inviting grassy plains and the backdrop of a snow-capped mountain range. For the American Paint Horse, this is where they’re in their element. The American Paint horse shares a close ancestry with other popular North American breeds like the American Quarter Horse and American Thoroughbred and therefore shares their long history of aiding humans in shaping North America into the land it is today. They’re strong and easygoing as well as intelligent, making them a fun and rewarding breed to train.

The most distinctive feature of the Paint horse is their unique and beautiful coat patterns. These patterns are seen in a combination of white and another coat color and can vary greatly, meaning no two Paint horses are exactly the same! While often sought out for Western pleasure, barrel racing, and other western events, the Paint horse can even thrive in other areas such as English pleasure, equitation, and show jumping. With an easygoing temperament and a highly social nature, the Paint horse is the perfect companion for anyone with a big heart. Are you ready to bond with this reliable roamer of the American plains?

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What's the breed?
The updated American Paint Horse

Where can I get it?
The Riding Hall! This is a temporary location for now. We’ll find them a permanent place in a later update.

How much does it cost?
850 Star Coins.

What level do I have to be?
Everyone will be able to get the Chestnut Overo at Fort Pinta immediately! To get the other variations, you must have reached level 7.

What colors can I choose from?
Dark Bay Tobiano, Chestnut Overo, Black Tobiano, Buckskin Tobiano, Grullo Tobiano, and Dapple Grey Sabino Overo.

Is there anything else I should know?
The American Paint has multiple mane styles available: a long, wild and silky mane style; two braided mane styles; a short mane style; a mohawk; and dressage braids. Your Paint horse will do a spin for you! Press the “Spacebar” while your horse is standing still to see the spin in action.

New Western tack

We have new tack to pair with your Paint! With its renowned history in North America and western events, these recolors of Western tack suit the Paint perfectly. There are four matching sets with new halters, blankets, boots, and saddles! Find them at the Global Store and tack store at Starshine Ranch.

This tack is currently exclusive to Generation 3 horses, except for the blanket, which can be fitted on any horse.

The perfect tack to pair with your Paint. The perfect tack to pair with your Paint.

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