Next up in Jorvik!

Next up in Jorvik!

July 27, 2021

We have some amazing content coming up for you guys over the next month. Take a sneak peek at the exciting things on their way to Jorvik!

Linda’s Showjumping Race

Linda Chanda is a talented and dedicated show jumper. For two weeks, you can find her in Moorland where she hosts a fun showjumping race — now with updated obstacles!

Red String Trail Ride

The beloved trail ride event known as the Red String Trail Ride returns. Anything could happen along the way!

Magical Dragon Horses

Born from gemstones found in Garnok’s Fury, these scaly horses make fierce and loyal companions! Faramawr and Aldrach arrive in Jorvik along with their smaller wyvern pets!

Riding Hall Revamp

The Riding Hall is currently under construction and soon the remodel will be complete! Stay tuned for the grand reveal.

Horses of Jorvik

Guillermo Gadea is back with a race for Horses of Jorvik! This Frozen Horse Race will be exclusive to a special few breeds.

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