Maya gets her very own horse!

Maya gets her very own horse!

July 14, 2021

Hey StarFam! It's about dang time that Maya got her own horse! Join her on a very special quest to find her companion. Meanwhile, our seahorse friends have returned to shore!

Meet Maya Dew

Maya is well-known around Jorvik for her hard work at Moorland Stables, but her family history has always been shrouded in mystery. Few know the strange circumstances behind the Unfortunate Dews Farm, but now’s your chance to learn! Join Maya on a visit to her ancestral home, learn some family history, and shed some light on this mysterious plot of land. A curious companion awaits. Can you help Maya befriend this mysterious horse?

Meet Maya at the Unfortunate Dews farm to get started. Once you finish this quest, you can start building reputation at the Unfortunate Dews Farm.

In order to join Maya on her journey, you must be a Star Rider, have completed the quest where you have built the bridge to get to Wolf Hall Inn and have met Hugh at the Rescue Ranch!

The beginning of a beautiful friendship The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Guess who’s back?

Tellina and Kampos! These seahorses have arrived on shore just in time for summer! The dazzling blueish Kampos and the pearly Tellina are sure to charm anyone, and don’t miss their Panda Ray pals! They have set up camp by Fort Pinta beach where they will stay for seven weeks! Make sure to go by and say hi!

Kampos is a calming horse who’s the perfect partner for a skittish rider. They are resolute to a fault though - you will never meet a horse as stubborn as the Kampos!

Tellina shimmers like a pearl and loves all things shiny. Their sharp eyesight is a big help when looking for treasures, but while always looking for new, sparkly things, they are also very easily distracted!

When in their normal form, they look like this... When in their normal form, they look like this...

...and when in their magical coats, their fins appear! ...and when in their magical coats, their fins appear! #ISeeSeahorses

These very special horses will join your horse family for 850 Star Coins each. You will not be able to change the mane style of the Kampos or Tellina.

Panda Rays

Not only can you now let Kampos and Tellina join your family, but two special flying manta rays, affectionately nicknamed “Panda Rays” thanks to their resemblance to the Pandoric manta rays, have also risen from the sea!

The Pearly Panda Ray and the Shimmery Panda Ray are totally adorable AND they can fly! They are extremely affectionate and would love to discover Jorvik by your side, so for an adoption fee of 400 SC each, they’ll join you as a flying pet!

To make the Panda Ray fly next to you, place it in a saddlebag attached to your horse’s saddle and press “P”!

Tellina and Kampos, along with their pets, are available for seven whole weeks! They will leave Jorvik during the Wednesday update on September 1st.

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It’s soon time for the Jorvik Stables Open House where a new Arabian makes an appearance!

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